Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Girl & Her Dog.....

Have a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.
Oh, and the mantra for the week... say it with me theres power in numbers!
I wont burn the turkey, I wont burn the turkey, I wont burn the turkey.....or the yams....or the bread.....or the.....


Monday, November 2, 2009

I guess if one blogs, and then takes a break for a while....

Everyone gets a little crazy! Whats up with Darci? Why doesn't she write? Where is she? Whats she doing? Some one said she died!
Id like to think its all just an outpouring of love from my friends, but now even my mother has gotten into the fray!
OK. So here's what has been going on in my little sorted life.
Since becoming single again, it has opened up a whole new world for me, and I have to admit, Ive been enjoying it. The loss of 60lbs so far, has done alot for my ego, as well as garnered me more than a few looks from the fellas, and yea, I'll admit, it feels great! Got 20lbs more to drop, and I'll be satisfied.
So yes, Ive been dieting, that's one thing that Ive been doing.
Oh, and exercise. Lots of walking.
Dating? Yea, that too. There are several very sweet men in my life right now, and its been just a little crazy.
Ive moved, to a much neater and bigger place, with more room for horses and sheep, more room to work dogs, and more for me to clean up and take care of, so been doing a lot of yard work and getting this old house ready for winter.
The house heats with propane, but at 2.00 dollars a gallon, I am thoroughly enjoying the wood stove in the living room. It really cuts back on the usage of propane, and even though I started out a bit lame and lacking the firebug skills Id learned in Girl Scouts so many years ago, Ive had a few weeks practice and have become a regular little pyro when it comes to getting her fired up and roaring in the evening. So getting wood in and split and trees cut has been a time consumer too.
Did I mention I bought a chainsaw?
This thing is sooooo awesome! Makes me feel just a little macho! Some times I scare myself! LOL
Ive been hitting lots of yard sales, and picking up bits and pieces of furniture, and things I may or may not have any use for , but hey! It only cost a dollar! I'm sure I'll find some use for it eventually! LOL
Getting back in touch with my son. We lost some thing very special that we'd had before the marriage, and I'm glad to have it back now, and to be a big part of his life again. At 14 yrs old, I'm glad to say that the boy still loves and needs his mom, and still enjoys spending time with me. He is a good kid, and we have been having a blast together.
I went to a few good Sheepdog trials this summer, (Soldier Hollow, Meeker Classic, and a few smaller ones) and got to meet and visit with a lot of handlers and friends, new and old. Though it doesn't make me miss my old friends that are far away, any less.
On the working dogs front, not much to tell. Bear gets some work, but we haven't really been doing any real training. I feel like the real work Ive been having him do, is more fun than drilling, and he is such an easy dog to work with, that I really don't have to train, just put him to the task, and with very little direction from me, he/we get the jobs done. I had him go into the trailer to get some sheep out a few weeks ago, and my ram just beat him up. He suffered for about a minuet, and then got mad and put that ram in his place. He was a sore boy for a few days though. That ram plowed him to the trailer floor, and into the side of the trailer a couple of good times. But he is a tough dog, and came back. I still wonder though if having him go in the trailer might have been a bit to much to ask of such a young dog. I do have a tendency to put a good dog in over their head.
Chris, since coming back home, hasn't had much,...well, any work at all. Ive taken her to sheep twice since getting her back, and I think she and I will wait till spring to do anymore. Her forgetting some things I am hoping will be a blessing in disguise, and perhaps when we get back to working together, our relationship will have had a chance to heal, and we can start to do things right this time.
She is as bald as a dog can be right now, and looks a sight. Whelping those pups really did a number on her coat! She looks so small and petite with no hair! But she has been walking with me and getting herself back in shape, some one had her in their lap the other day and said she felt like one hard muscle! She may be bald, but she sure is fit!
Tucker, who's other name rhymes, is quite a joy. Feisty and sweet, tenacious, and cuddly, he is many dogs rolled into one. He will never replace my Lexy or fill the space that loosing Cain has left, but he sure tries hard to entertain me with his antics. What a neat and fun little dog.
Its been 3 months since I had to put Lexy down, and I still cant quit missing her. I think about her everyday, and wish she was still here. I just miss that ole girl so much. We had a thing, and it mattered to me. It mattered to her. And its gone. I miss the relationship we had. She was very special to me, and as long as memories of her are still intact, I guess I will always miss her.
So, still mourning the loss of my grand lass, and those are times when I seek solace in quiet, and try to stay away from the world for awhile, and just try to remember all the little things that made her so special to me. They are good memories, so I don't mind ducking out for a bit and thinking of days gone by.
Guess I'm a little weird that way.
But too, I am focusing on the future, looking forward to what life brings. Trying to slow down and make the right choices, as perhaps, looking over my past track record in life, Ive not slowed down long enough to do things exactly ....right?
So yea, Ive been doing a bit of soul searching, and trying to change while trying to remain the same.
Moving back to Vernal was a good move, (the first in many new and right choices Ive been trying to make) good for me, good for my son, good for the critters and dogs. Good for my sanity and piece of mind. But there is alot of work involved in getting ones life back in order, and I apologize for not being here updating any more than I have.
With winter coming in like a lion right now, and the days getting shorter and colder. I'm sure I will find myself back indoors and back blogging regular again.
So that's whats been going on round here. I'm sure I left some things out, probably lots O things, but eventually, I'm sure it will all come out in the end.
I appreciate the poking and prodding, really I do. I need it some times, to help me remember that my little world could use a few more windows for family and friends to see that we're OK and happy.
And at the moment, that is exactly where we are. Happy, relaxed, confident, proud, and enjoying life as it comes. Planning nothing and just seeing what life brings. Its all very exciting!