Thursday, August 6, 2009

Im baaaaaaack!

Hi All!
Well, as most of you know, Julie, Robin and Chris delivered a small but pudgy litter of pups a week ago. Only three, and I wished there had been more, I know there are several other folks that were looking forward to having a pup out of this cross, but at least now we know that Chris is actually capable of caring for pups, so maybe one day we will try again.
I look forward to hearing about them, and will share what I learn, but for now they are only a week old, and not much to tell.
If I knew how to steal pics from Robin's blog, I would post some here, but I don't so here is a link to her blog where you can see the awesome threesome.

As for me, well, I'm still kickin. Work is starting to get a little slack, so I have had more time to get out and play. Fishing, riding, hiking. Staying close to home, so haven't gotten out of my own back yard yet, but then who would want to!? This is the most beautiful place to be.
On a more personal note, I have also been a bit preoccupied with a couple of fellas that seem to, and I haven't figured out just yet why, but the seem to think I'm a pretty neat gal. So when I'm not working or entertaining Kyle, I'm juggling those two, which is not as easy as it sounds.
The weight is coming off fast now. Guess it helps to stay busy, some times I forget to eat and have to be reminded. Dieting gets easier the longer it goes on I think. Eventually, you don't even get hungry.
Here's a few pics that friends have taken recently. Just to prove that yes, this is me, no one has kidnapped me and I'm still alive and well.

Tucker is growing like a weed, and is everything a terrier should be and more. He has a new nickname, and I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with Tucker! Which he comes to readily. He is a good puppy, but he is all schnauzer for sure. What a little dynamo, and so much fun......when he's asleep! LOL
Bear and bruin are doing well, Bear has been keeping busy shuffling sheep back and forth from front to back, and we finally get to go out to Noels again this Sunday to work on his big field. He has also taken up the position of being the fun police. If any one is caught having fun without him. He puts a stop to the game immediately, and makes ya start all over again, but with him too.
Bru, has decided that he has a dual purpose in life, and has broadened his responsibilities. He now is a guardian live stock dog and couch potato. He guards us, the house, yard, and the sheep. He is doing a bang up job, and there isn't a critter within miles that would even think anymore of invading his space. New people, might beware too. Bruin is getting more serious about his charges by the day,and doesn't really like strangers anymore. Since loosing Cain, my Chief of Security, Bru has stepped in and fill those boots for us, and we are happy to let him.
Kyle has been enjoying the summer, but soon it will be time for school to start. YEA!!!
He has matured so much since moving here and is becoming quite the young man. He feels I think, more responsible for me now more so than ever, and far be it from me to try and stop him. Except when he tries to sit down with my date, and try to lay out a curfew and limitations for his mom! LOL
And don't think he hasn't tried! Of course mom had to put the kibosh on that. He isn't quite big enough to fit into those britches yet. And I don't see it happening in the foreseeable future!

So, I reckon that about wraps it up for the moment. I hope to get some pics of Bear working at Noels, but unlike Robin, who was so nice to let me stand around and work my dog (yelling at me to move my ass here and there) Noel, will chase me, so I always have to stay a step ahead of him, cause if he gets me, I'm gonna be the one who gets the correction! So I may not be able to, but I'll sure try. Might get some one to come with me and do it for me. Hmmmmm. ENE meanie miney Mo! LOL


Darci's Mom said...

Well, there you are! Have been checking every day. I went to see the pups. So precious, but not one with a split face like mom and dad. So happy that Chris is doing fine and the pups are healthy. Anxious to see new pics when they have their eyes open and are walking around. You are looking good, my girl! Hard work and keeping busy will be your reward. It worked for me when I was your age. Kyle looks good too. Big Boy! Take care sweetie.

Dancing shepherdess said...

Please tell me that this is a sign you will update more often... Miss you. That picture of you, with your horse, you look like a mountain girl, an earth mom, a happy as pie country girl. So happy for you. With the guys, don't mess up their names, trust me, it's embarrassing ;)
Which pup are you taking? When do you get Chris and your pup back? I assume sometime the end of September?
Good to hear from you. Happy girl.

Robin French said...

I'll get some new pics of the pups tomorrow and post them, so they're on the way! I can't wait to see how much they've changed. Too bad you're so far away, we could try Zac and Chris again next time around. It's funny how much Chris likes Zac. She wouldn't let any other males around her but she seeks him out for attention. It's very cute. Zac would like for me to keep her. ;-)

WalkOn Border Collies said...

It looks like you are loving being back home! Love seeing the pix of your horses, makes to remember my old days. Keep those fellas straight and just be glad they don't have the same name! I once dated two 'Allans' at the same time. Kept my Mom on her toes taking phone messages for me too. LOL

An English Shepherd said...

Puppys sound lovely!

Wizz :-)

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