Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ever seen a Bear work sheep?

Well, heres what it looks like!
This is at my good friend Ivans place. He generously allows me to come to his place and work Bear on his big field with his BIG woolys. This is from where I usually send Bear on his outrun.

Here on top of the hill is where I usually send him from. Its a good sized outrun, and he is starting to do a nice job with his OLF's! Im so happy with him!

These gals are thinking..."Oh no, not them again"

Nice big outrun! Lovin it!

Bringing them in.

Driving. Bear loves to drive! He will take them anywhere I ask! And has such lovly pace.

More driving. He is a lot further away from me than he looks, Im using my zoom.

Oh no little ewe. Ya dont wanna do that! Bear has never been one to inappropprietly grip, and so I have instilled a grip command in him, one in which he is waiting right now to hear

Reckon that changed their minds!

Lie Down.

Damned if Im not a lucky girl. Not only does he work stock! But he is darn handsome to view as well!

Waiting for the "Come in Here!" Bear is taking to shedding quite well.

Ivans sheep are nice to work, and its nice to have a large number of sheep to learn the shed. Bear was a bit reluctant to leave the first batch once we got the shed, but is happy to bring them along and leave the rest now. He is a quick learner.

And just a few more, because I can! LOL

And so we end the work with Bear taking them back up and over the hill to another pasture.

Tucking them in around the edges.

One tired, but very happy sheepdog!

And now you can tell folks, youve seen a Bear work sheep!
Happy Trials!


Robin French said...

he's such a good un!

Darci said...

Yeppers! For me, the best! We luvs Da Bear!

Deb said...

Nice pictures, Darci! I loved seeing Bear work the sheepies.


Anonymous said...

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