Saturday, August 16, 2008

Well, its been a tough week around here. Its been slow at the shop, due to school getting ready to start. 25 years of grooming, and there hasn't been a year that just before school starts, that work doesn't drop off. At the rate the economy is rising, its a wonder I have any work at all, seeing as my job really does succeed or not, according to how the world is doing. I cant blame folks, if it were a choice of putting gas in my car, (or diesel in my truck, which is higher than gas these days) to get to work every day, I'm sure Id pick being able to afford the gas, as opposed to getting my dog groomed. Grooming has always been a seasonal job, but summers are usually the best time of the year to make your money. The rising prices of....well.... everything, is putting a damper on that ability to make the most of it. Oh well, sucks to be me right now.
Andy my Std. Poodle, has developed an ear infection, and I am treating that, so more money going out there for meds and vet visits, and I am still struggling trying to find an effective flea preventative for the dogs, and more money is being shoveled out weekly for that, Ive changed their food, (of course to a more costly one) because Lex since being spayed seems to be having itchy skin problems, and changing feeds seems to have cured the problem, but it is cosing me 50 bucks more a week for the new food. Oh well, its whats best for the dogs, and I do see improvements from it. They will always eat better than me. I get hot dogs, they get lamb and chicken. Whats new? I truly understand the term Dog Poor. But I wouldn't have it any other way. To me, they are worth every penny.
Been working Chris a bit this last week, ( its been so nice and cool) and I must say, that having Julie work with her over the past couple of months has proven to have had tremendous effects. She is doing so nicely now, and we are really enjoying the work/training. Its so nice to be able to drop the nervousness of having to always worry she is going to rip a sheep apart. Ive put her in positions several times, giving her ample opportunity to grip, and she has, and this is the cool part, happily and without the least amount of nervousness, pulled sheep off the fence and kept a cool head, and not even thought about gripping. I am pleased, and you can see that she is too. She lives to work sheep, and being able to do it right, makes all the difference in the world for her.
Stella is chomping at the bit so to speak, wanting so badly to get out there and work. Ive not had her on sheep for about 3 weeks or more now. Hoping she will gain more enthusiasm when next I do bring her out. Maybe in a couple more weeks, I will. Last night, with a storm brewing, we had a nice game of fetch, and she was so into the game, that the thunder had very little if any effect on her. She may just get over her thunderphobicness to a tolerable degree after all. We'll just have to wait and see, but if last night was any indication, it was a positive one.
I got to visit with Roy last week, his new mom stopped in the shop to have his nails trimmed. He seems to be settling in and they really do adore him and he them. It is good to see. I still miss him. He is a very neat dog.
Since loosing Rose, I am down to 7 dogs, ( though it really feels like 6 seeing as Bruin lives out with the sheep)I haven't been this dog low in years. But given the fact of vet costs and feed bills and such, I'm going to keep it down, and leave the slot open in expectation/anticipation of Gyp coming in from Germany some time this year when her training is satisfactory from her breeders standpoint to send her. I am very excited about Gyp coming, and patience some times is a hard emotion to master when such a special gift is so looked forward to. Especially since Ive known about her since last February or so. But she is only 9 months old now, so we have a bit longer to wait. Still, I cant wait for the day I can pick her up from the airport, and start the bonding process. So far it sounds like she is turned on, and coming along nicely.
Rain, oh wonderful rain, has graced our little farm now for several weeks, and the pastures look great! The horses and sheep are fat and slick, and shiny, and I can finally breath a sigh of relief that I can see that there is more than enough feed to support everything. I will continue my Indian Rain Dancing as it seems to be working. Having so many fire ants around helps to remind me daily to dance, especially when I stand accidentally on a nest of them for more than 0.05 seconds! They may be tiny, but the are aggressive little warriors, and they pack a hell of a punch when they bite!
This weekend, since the weather is holding in the 80's I am going to be outdoors as much as possible getting things tidied up around the place. Seems there is always some thing needs fixing or improved upon, mowed, or built. But, Id rather be doing things outdoors, than being stuck in the house vacuuming or dusting or mopping. The dogs will enjoy the freedom of having free run and "helping out" for a few days. And, now that the grasshoppers are gone, it seems to be prime cricket hunting season now. At least they stay more grounded and don't jump all over on me, and the dogs seem to have developed a taste for them as well.
Bobby said this morning that he is going to fire up the burn pile today. Good thing, cause I have been trying real hard over the past month or so to fill that big hole up with junk that's long needed to be tossed out. Maybe we'll roast our supper of hot dogs out there this evening! LOL

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