Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where does the time go!?

So, Have ya missed me? Oh, come on, you know you have!
So, my agenda as of late, is that there really is, no agenda.
I have been flying by the seat of my pants and the feeling is no less than exhilarating!
Working, and playing, tis the season for both!
But some times it all just starts to catch up to me, I'm finding out swiftly, that I'm no spring chicken any more, but not quite ready for the dumplings pot either!
Ive been trying to find a happy medium, where I can start to settle a bit more, but Ive yet to find that Zen place. Just goes to prove, you can please some of the people some of the time, but if you try to please all of the people all of the time, some get left, while I'm still running, trying to catch up!
So, to try to fill ya in some what, though Ive been told, a girl shouldn't kiss and tell.......
Robin, you were partially right, but about a week ahead of me, and that's all I have to say about that, except, that there are some strong possibilities, as long as I quit being so damn picky. LOL
Julie, I am so looking forward to Chris coming back home. Lex is in a bad way, and if we were to open her up to try to get the fast growing cancer out of her, she would, (A) have a 50/50 chance of not making it through the surgery, or (B) the cancer will spread throughout her body. And while she is in no pain at the moment, I have opted to just wait and see how she goes.
Kelly! Send me a kitty! Theres mice in the hay shed! Egads!
Laura, I'm just wondering whats going on with you and CR. You have been pretty tight lipped, and I just got a feeling.....
And to those of you all that I haven't mentioned by name, just know that I think about you all often , and miss the companionship and camaraderie we shared over the last couple of years. Please come and reinsert some sanity back into my life! LOL
And to my friends here on the west coast. I promise, as soon as I get time to come up for air, we will get together! It may be Soldier Hollow or Meeker, but I know I'll be seeing ya soon.
For now, my schedule has been so whacked out, I'm beat, and need to go to my happy place and find some peace and rejuvenate.

Dog work has been slack, I did need the front and back lawn mowed, so had Bear bring the sheep out of their enclosure, and allow them to graze the back yard on Saturday, and then today, I had him take them thru to the front yard, and they mowed there too. Efficient little buggers! And they fertilize too!
Tuck, has been taking a good bit of time. I keep trying to convince him that he is not really a schnauzer, but that he is in fact, a collie! He is a tough little German, and takes it out on Bruin and Bear, who look at him like they would like to eat his lunch when they go to pass him and he reaches up and latches on to their tails! I think he has Bru and Bear convinced that he is the devil incarnate! And they fear him! I call it puppy teeth! Ouch!
So if patience is a virtue, I commend you all, my virtuous friends, (except Julie, cause she likes to give me shit LOL) that haven't given me too much crap about being so AWOL lately. I really never imagined in my widest dreams that when I got back here it would be like this!
But I ain't complaining! At least not yet anyway. But I'm starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, that looks like Zen, so I'm gonna grab that brass ring when I pass thru and hang on tight, cause I'm feeling a bit old and tired these days. LOL and its time to slow down and stop and.....,well, Ive already smelled the roses, so maybe its time to just sit down and prune that bush for awhile!
I have some great pics of some of the places Ive been, and of some trips up on the Painted Hills with the horses and I think I may even have a few, of the svelte (ha ha!) slimming down Darci! 28lbs gone so far, and only 30 more to go! Its been relatively easy, change in attitude, change in latitude!

Maybe once I get the rest of this lard off my arse, I'll have tons more energy, and wont feel so old. I know I already do, with the small loss already, but still, not enough to keep up with the schedule Ive been trying to keep! Calgone take me away!


Dancing shepherdess said...

You didn't mention me by name, but that's okay ;) I am so sorry about Lex. I know she is the Queen of your home.
As to being out of whack- I liken it to you just having had a Jim Dandy Sundae (5 scoops, several toppings) at Friendlys (which is you going back to your soul's home) and now you have to digest, and get back to a good "diet". We all understand. That sort of busy is GOOD busy.

But, I for one miss you, so please write more.

Robin French said...

Aww geez Darci, i'm sorry to hear about Lexi. I know that has to be throwing you off kilter...

Laura Carson said...

Hey girl! Been thinking about you - and missing you around here! As for CR I'm guessing your intuition is right on. Really sorry to hear about Lexi tho. :( That sucks bigtime.

Unknown said...

Hey Darci,
Who gives you sh!t??? Not me! lol!

I'm sorry to hear about Lex too, but it's kind of what we expected when we last talked. I just hope she stays happy and comfortable for as long as possible.

And if Robin was right, but just off by a week, then I may really have to hold Chris (and pup) hostage in order to wrench the details out of you! ;-)

Unknown said...

P.S. I'm sure Kelly would be more than happy to add a kitty to the shipment that's coming out to you in the fall! Be oh so careful what you wish for.

Hillcrest Border Collies said...

Just had to ask who CR is? Not many people named that and I know one that was in sheep and Border Collies.

Kelly said...

And you see I just saw that she had a new post. And considering I have 1 kitten left I'm going to hold it for Darci and its going to come out with Chris, pup and all. She will be getting a nice package in October. And that is when the mice really start to come out looking for food!!

Darci, sorry to hear about Lexi, that is one of my worst fears since I now have 3 older dogs...

Unknown said...

CR is someone local to us here in NC, and is not involved with sheep and border collies, except peripherally.

An English Shepherd said...

Cool pictures

Wizz :-)

Laura Carson said...

LOL! Hillcrest, it's not who you're thinking of. It's in reference to someone I used to spend time with - CR is not even his real initials. ;) He and my ex-husband share the same first name, so the "R" actually stands for "Reloaded".

We're real mature around here.

Hillcrest Border Collies said...

Ok, just had to make sure it wasn't my ex. :-)
Not often that you see those initials in the herding world. Just had to laugh.