Saturday, June 27, 2009

A New Face in the Pack

Folks, meet Tucker!

Tucker is a 7 week old Black and silver schnauzer puppy that Darci just couldn't resist.

As many of you that know me, know, Ive been wanting a lap dog for some time now. Some thing to snuggle with that doesn't take up half the couch or bed, or in Bruins case the whole bed!
I kept purposely not actually actively looking, but hoping that when the right one came along, that's exactly what would happen, it would just come along.
Tucker did just that.

A few weeks ago a client brought his sire and dam to me to be groomed. I noticed that the female appeared to have had pups, and asked the owner.
Both dam and sire are wonderful dogs, and so Un schnauzer like in all the good ways, that I truly enjoyed the time I was able to spend grooming them. It doesn't hurt, that I really enjoy grooming most of the terrier breeds, and those like Tucker's parents, with such un characteristic terrier temperaments, make it all the more enjoyable to do.
The owner brought the pups in with her to the shop when she came to pick up the parents and showed me the pups. What cuties! But alas, I couldn't afford to buy a pup,and thanked her for bringing them by and letting me get my puppy fix for the day. That was a couple of weeks ago.
Today while I was having a break and sitting outside enjoying the cool day, a lady walked up to me with a schnauzer pup in her hands. Id all but forgotten about her and her dogs, and didn't recognize her. I asked her could I help her, and she informed me that they were going on vacation today and this was the last pup.
I then remembered who she was, and again, reiterated that I couldn't afford to buy a pup at the moment. She told me they really needed to find Tuck a home before they left, and one thing led to another, and for 4 grooms, 2 each on the dam and sire, Tucker is now a member of the family.
He fit right in, and all the dogs took him in like he'd been here always. Bruin is a bit over curious, but is very careful about the strange little bundle. I think Bear is a bit put off, but is being a good sport, albeit a bit clingy at the moment. Lex, well she is a natural born mother at heart, and cant quit trying to clean him.
Tucker is charming and love able, cuddly, and just absofreakinlutly adorable.
Ive already caught myself talking puppy baby talk to him numerous times, (some thing I don't normally practice with any of my dogs) and I have a sneaking feeling that Sir Tuck is gonna be a wee bit spoiled if I don't watch myself.
Its been a long time since I had a little dog in the house.
I struggled for a name for him, for Oh, about 10 minuets, and he just struck me as a Tucker, (Tuck for short) and that was that. It stuck. He is already very responsive to his name, which I hope translates to him liking the sound.
Wonder what folks will be thinking when I call my Mini Schnauzer to the tune of That'll Do Tuck! LOL
So please join me in welcoming our newest pack member, and cutest puppy ever (at least until Chris/Zac pups arrive) and wishing me good luck that me and my home and furniture survive the puppy stage.
Ive always said, I admire the breed, and really enjoy grooming them, but Id never own one. Guess there goes that never say never out the window. Ive always said it takes a special kind of person to live with schnauzers, guess Tuck will be putting me to the test to see just how special I really am!


Dancing shepherdess said...

He's ADORABLE!!!! I like Schnauzers too- very rugged, real dogs. Nice name too- I have a Tucker. Did you know that there is a book entitled "The trouble with Tuck"? :)

BCxFour said...

Darci - he TOO CUTE for pictures! I LOVE LOVE LOVE his name - ooops careful now, when he does start chewing up your furniture - remember what it rhymes with! I can hear it least what I would say but then I am evil.

Darci said...

LOL! I thought about that already! But then me?? Have a potty mouth??
He is so mellow (for a schnauzer) and so sweet, I cant imagine he will ever give me reason to have to call him anything but Tuck the Love Smuck. LOL
He really is darling and slept the whole night curled up next to me and even let me sleep in and never even moved. I think we are going to get along just fine. He is very attentive and smart. Gotta love those german dogs. He is a sorta replacement, (though none could ever replace my Cain) to fill that spot that loosing Cain has left unattended. I think Cain would have liked him too.

Darci's Mom said...

What a sweet little angel. What the heck, what's one more when you have so many already!!! When they steal your heart, it's hard to say no and it sounds like this little scamp has done just that. When does Chirs come home? BTW, loved the pics of the house and grounds. So happy for you to have your own place and a place for the animals. What a load off your shoulders. Home at last!

Chasing The Dog said...

he is so cute. I want to put his ears in my mouf. My grandmother had a mini-schnauz that brought great joy and love to her life, so I will always have an affinity for the breed.

Loretta Mueller said...

What an adorable baby!!!! SOO SOOO CUTE!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

He is adorable, i love his name.
Congrats on the new addition!