Saturday, June 6, 2009

What a great day!
Its Saturday, my day off. I slept in, and that was nice. Took the dogs for a nice long run, and then sat down on the computer and helped put together a new flyer to place around town to let folks know I'm back and grooming.
Its been fun reconnecting with folks, though Ive been surprised that a lot of folks that knew me well back when, hardly recognise me. Must be that added 50 lbs and the long hair, not to mention I dyed my normally blond hair brown, but hey, I met my ex husband in the grocery store last night, and he didn't even recognise me! I stopped and talked to him for a few minuets before I realized he was just being polite, and didn't have a clue! I left it at that, he'll feel real stupid when some one finally does ask him if he knew I was back in town, put two and two together, and really feel like an ass. Wish I was a fly on the wall when that happens! LOL
I really hadn't thought Id changed that much, but several folks have looked at me when Ive spoke to them with that Ive seen you before look, but don't remember till I tell them.

Ive been feeding the horses and sheep a grass, alfalfa mix since they got here, but I haven't seen their condition change much, so went out and bought some first cut alfalfa for them today. I also got them a no bloat block, and so I feed them this evening the alfalfa, then went back several hours later to check on them, and they seemed to be just fine.
So fine in fact that I took the opportunity to work Bear and Hank in the sheep pen. It was a rodeo with Hank for the first few minuets, he was rearing to go, and keener than ever. He hasn't been on sheep in close to a month, so when we pulled up and he saw the sheep, I thought he was gonna try to jump through the closed truck window! Silly pup.
After a few minuets he settled down and got to work, and did nicely. Time to get him out of the round pen, he needs to be on the big field. Tomorrow I'm going to have Bear drive them out to the big field, and let Hank work out there. He wont loose his sheep, he's all about keeping them together, so we should be just fine.

Bear, per his usual, was spot on. I had him take the sheep out of their holding area into a large outdoor arena, and had him work a set up trial like sequence. He is doing very well, even with things he has never done, and next weekend I'm taking him out to SLC to work with some friends from the Utah Stockdog Assoc. We will be working Churros, and some heavy dorpers so I'm excited to see how he handles them. For that day, I will definitely be bringing the camera, especially because I am still sore at myself for forgetting to bring it today.

Chris is still in NC. Robin has her, and she has been bred through doing AI's twice now, so we are all crossing our fingers and toes that it takes and we have Zac and Chris pups in a couple of months. I sure do miss her, and cant wait till she is back home with me. She is such a joyous dog, and her absence is felt through out the pack. Lex has felt it the worst I think, her and Chris were/are close and she has been left with all the boys to contend with.

We went over to Colorado today and I bought a lottery ticket. Well, actually I bought five. Cross your fingers for me, I hear its a big one.

Tomorrow we are going horse back riding. The black isn't quite in good enough weight from the trip to be up on in my estimation yet, but the buckskin, Kyle's QH is looking good, so I'm going to ride her. She isn't half the horse my black mare is to ride, but its not like we are going to run any races, so I reckon she will suffice. After riding we are taking the dogs and hitting Red Fleet
for some more fishing, and hiking. That extra 50lbs wont be hanging around for long, to much to do around here. Matter of fact, I haven't slowed down since I got here, and its been refreshing. If I remember to bring the camera, and I'm really gonna try to do that, I hope to have some fantastic pics of the lake and surrounding area, and maybe, if I'm lucky, a pic of me with my catch of the day!


Dancing shepherdess said...

Just gotta say- the difference in your tone/mood/what have you, is amazing. You are clearly so much happier. VERY good for you. That is FUNNY that your hubby didn't recognize you- you should have flirted with him- just to see his reaction!!!

Darci said...

Thats how I ended up married to him the first time! LOL
Think I'll pass on the flirting this time, I know where it lands me! LOL
Besides, there are plenty of strapping, rugged and handsome, (not to mention buff peices of eye candy) oil field hands all over out here, they are well worth a second glance, and a how do you do! Im really enjoying being back home, it where I feel I best belong.