Thursday, June 18, 2009

New To Me House Yea! We got moved in!

Lots been happening round here, and I fear Ive been to busy to catch everyone up because of it.
Yep! That's right, I'm blaming my lack of recent updating to the fact that Ive been so busy. Cant think of a better reason, can you?
Well, it could be, because Ive recently made a move, to my new (well, new to me) house!

My view from the front porch

view from the back porch at the sheep and horse pasture

looking at the back of the house from the pasture

My neighbors house across the street

side porch

I'm loving being here. This evening after work, I went over and picked up the sheep and horses and put them in their pastures. They got their heads down and went to clearing out all the greens they could handle, and then settled in for the night. Happy to be home.
The house is a 4 bedroom, so plenty of room for guests, (hint hint) and the yard is going to be a lot of fun messing round in and planting flowers and such. I love the trees, and I really enjoy sitting on the porches in the evening when I get a moment, and just relaxing and enjoying the views. The mountains are so close we can ride the horses right into them in about 20 minuets.
Bear did a bang up job tonight loading and unloading the sheep. Now he under stands why I put a grip command on him, and he doesn't mind using it.
They were reluctant to come out of the trailer when we arrived, so I sent him into the trailer to get them out. He slid right on around them, and got them out, and then drove them through the back yard and into the pasture through a small gate. He has never done anything like that, but it only took him a second to understand what I needed, and he was Johnny on the spot, and didn't put a foot wrong. He really is a tremendous dog.
I should have taken pics, but we just pulled in and started unloading, ands so I didn't go in the house to get the camera, but there will be plenty of opportunities to get more pics soon, now that they are here.
I know you all are anxiously awaiting to hear news of the mock trial.
To say the least, it was a disappointment. Bear worked well, aside from trying to fetch the sheep to the set out person a few times, and showing me that I really do need to get his outrun stretched out more. But we hit the panels and then he did a nice cross drive, but it started to rain, so instead of doing a pen, I just had him exhaust the sheep. They had to cross a ditch, and he was a bit confused at first, as to how to handle that, but common sense prevailed and he got the picture pretty quick, and put the sheep in the exhaust pen. He sure needs to build up his stamina, I can see that. He was pretty tired after his run, and we only worked about half and hour. Course it was a danged BIG field!
We got there late, and I have to say I was disappointed about that, but it was further than I had calculated, and most of the folks that were there earlier had already gone home, and all that were left were about 6 of the most unfriendly folks I think Ive ever met! They were what Id consider a type of weekend warrior. Agility folks out to let their dogs chase sheep for the day. It was almost laughable to watch had I not felt so sorry for the sheep.
Since it had started raining, I thought it best to get the hell off the top of that mountain. Kelly Creek Farm is a beautiful place, and the drive out to it it phenomenal, but she is up there to say the least.
It poured buckets a good amount of the way home, but as we got out towards Heber, it started to get really nice again, so I told my friend Tracey who was with me, "I know where we can get some good dog work in, Ive got a friend in Heber that Id love to stop in and visit." So we took a side trip to see my old pal Noel.
We worked Hank and Bear and Noel was beaming by the time we were through. Noel likes to see him some good dog work, so Bear and Hank were happy to comply.
I felt better after getting them worked, and I got to visit with my old friend, and Chris's mom too! Noel has Chris's sires brother and Noel worked him a bit for us. Damn I want that dog!
I'm going back down to Noels in a few weeks to work dogs again, so I will get some pics of him and Chris's dam.
Tracey another old friend from Vernal, is wanting to learn to work stock dogs, so she is the proud new owner of a stock dog, in the form of Hank. He is an easy dog to handle, and is learning fast and will be/is a good dog for a beginner. Not to mention, they adore each other.
I have a few pics from the Kelly Creek work day, but I haven't been able to get them from my email to my Picasa, so I will try to post them tomorrow (its late tonight and I need to get to sleep) so you all can see them. Not very many though. Like most newbies, Tracey was so enthralled with watching, that she forgot that she had a camera around her neck! Anyway, more to follow. Now that I don't have to get off work and run out to where the horses and sheep were being held at, I'll have more time at home, so Should be able to start getting caught up and keep everyone posted on the happenings round here. Its been quite the adventure so far!
PS. Stupid black scantch of a horse stopmed my foot last night (dont ask) and Im a gimp right now. Dog gone that smarts!


Dancing shepherdess said...

House is great!!!! Too bad about the trial. Seems PITA people exist everywhere. There are some I would like to erase from my presence as well. But, I guess they have the right to exist ;)

You have Hank away? How did that happen???

Loretta Mueller said...

Congrats on the house!! Looks like heaven! LOVE the views :)

I agree with sheepkelpie...PITA people are everywhere :)

I bet it is nice to get back into the swing of things again :) Enjoy!

Kelly said...

Yeah how did the Hank giveaway happen?

Robin French said...

Congrats on moving in, it looks great! We're def going to come and visit you. Now don't forget who has dibs if you get the itch to give Bear away!

Julie says Chris is acting hungrier, sure hope that's a good sign...

BCxFour said...

Your house is lovely! I love the porches. Just think sitting there in the summer, enjoying the dry heat and breezes. No more sauna lungs!

Wait..this just registered...You gave Hank away???

Chasing The Dog said...

Wow! Nice spacious house! Congrats!

Jodi said...

What a great house! And 4 bedrooms? I have a whole group of people up here that would love to come down and hang out! We'll bring the beer! LOL

Darci said...

Thanks you gsls.Im really enjoying it here,and really enjoying that the horses and sheep are just out back!

Robin, that sounds great that she is wanting to be a little piggy. Cant wait to hear what the vet says on monday.

Anonymous said...

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