Friday, June 12, 2009

We're just moving right along!

Well, this week has been a good one. Busy, busy, busy at work, and!!!
I got the house!
I'm so excited about it! So many plans, so much I want to do and get done.
And then tomorrow, we head out to Kelly Creek farm for a mock trial, where Bear and I will finally get the opportunity to actually work sheep over a USBCHA style course! I'm so confident that we will do well, I just have so much faith in Bear. I know he will do his best, and not let me down. He always has.
Now I hope I can do the same for him.

The runs are 15.00 dollars each, so Id like to run him three times.
Hank is coming too, there will be smaller areas for young dogs to work appropriate sheep, so it will be a good experience for him. At 14 months, its no pressure, just fun and the opportunity to work different sheep in a different setting. He is gonna love it!

I really wish Chris were here, Id love to see how she would do. I'll just bet she would have a blast. Alas, she has other duties right now, so I'm very grateful to have Bear and Hank to work.

Lex has been doing so well out here. The cool, clean mountain air has made her act and feel like a pup again! She almost never plays, much less plays with the other dogs or toys, and recently, she has been doing both on a daily basis! She is so cute, chasing Hank around and tossing a ball for herself. Ive honestly never seen her behave in such a carefree manner. Its very satisfying to see her so happy and light hearted.

I had the horses out again this evening, and Jewel is looking better. Not back to her original weight, but much better. She looks fit, like a race horse, no real fat to speak of, but no bones either. That alfalfa is sure working its magic.
Cocoa, is looking better every day, but she didn't look as bad a Jewel, so I may have to start cutting her back soon.
The sheep, well, its slow for them, but they are coming along. Theres about three that are still bony looking, but they are eating good, and I'm sure they will be back fat and sassy here soon.
When they left NC they were shedding their wool, but the temps are down in the low
40's at night here, so they seem to have decided to hang onto it a bit longer. The days are still not over 75 so it doesn't hurt to have a little wool still.
So, all in all, itsa been a really great week. Everyone is starting to look better, the dogs are doing well, I got my house, ( and for you British comedy fans, I'll add, a house, with room for a pony!) LOL
Work is really busy, I'm loving that! I have to say, its taken me a bit to get back use to doing this much work, but I ain't complaining!
Vernal is getting back to its old self again, the oil fields are drying up, and all the oil patch people from all over the world that descended on this little town about 7 years ago, are now leaving out by the truck loads. Prices are getting back to normal, and Vernalites are getting their town back. As nice as the boom was, (it brought a lot of people and a lot of money into the town) I'm not sad to see it go, and I'm glad I was away in NC and missed the worst of it. Its beginning to feel more and more like home.
I meet with the management company on Monday to go over the paper work for the house, and of course, so they can drain me of every cent I own, but It'll be worth it to get moved in and have a real house with a fenced yard for the dogs, and a place for the horses and sheep. I'll get pics of the place then, and post them. Its a bit grown up around it, its been vacant for awhile, but I have a 14 yr old boy here that really wants a new X Box so I suspect I'll have a little slave labor to do some weeding and lawn mowing. Oh, that reminds me, now that I have a lawn, I'll need a lawn mower. That'll have to come later, for now, Ive got sheep! LOL


Unknown said...

Good tie to brush up on your tending skills with your dogs while the sheep mow your lawn

Robin French said...

Wow, congrats Darci! Julie told me about the house and i was waiting to hear if you got it - that's awesome! Now you better post on hos it goes today ASAP.... :-)

Laura Hicks said...

Sounds like everything is working out really well Darci. Congrats!

Unknown said...

Yep, congrats on the house, but even more important is the report from the mock trial. Cough it up, gal!

Robin French said...

We're waaaaaaaaaaiting!

Loretta Mueller said...

WOO HOO congrats on all the great news! Can't wait to hear how Bear does!

Darci said...

Comming up you guys! Waiting for Tracey to get the pics off her camera to send to me so I can post them and I promiss you'll get a full report.
Thank you all for the well wishes on the house. Im so excited about it. Truth be told, Im pretty excited about a lot of things these days! LOL

Chasing The Dog said...

congrats on the house!

I'm glad the animals are getting back to normal. I hope you took lots of pics at the trial.

Robin French said...

Hey - WHERE'S OUR TRIAL REPORT?! We're getting tired of waiting and going to assume it was awful and they ran you out of the place if you don't tell us otherwise.... ;-)

Kelly said...

I'm with Robin, since you won't answer email either....:)