Sunday, June 7, 2009

Need a change

Ive been looking around at folks blogs, and there are some very pretty templates, and I cant figure out where everyone is getting them. Id like to change my blog to make it a little prettier, compared to some, its rather plain. Willows Rest, I love Julies new page. Hay Ewe, Jodie's is really nice, with the blue sky and mountains.
So you guys with the pretty pages please let me know where I can find some thing different and more personalized. Its raining today, which totally blew my plans all to hell, so I have some extra time to dink around on the computer, and I thought it would be fun to do a little improvments to the blog. Hope some one can help. Thaks in advance.


Jodi said...

Oh you are way too nice! I have an idea ... wanna learn how to write HTML? Come on up! I'll show you in person. June 21st. That way you can run in the trial on June 20th. I even have a couch for you to sleep on!

BCxFour said...

Check out the 'cutest blogs on the block' for templates. Here is a link

Darci said...

If I travle 8 hours to run in the trial, Id hope ya had a couch for me! LOL
Still pondering that one. Will need to see when Chris comes back as to what kinda finances I have expendable at that time, cause, no offense, I really would enjoy coming out, but I really want my dog back too! LOL
I'll keep ya posted though, but am hoping it works out to where I can make it. Sounds like a lot of fun, and Im all for fun!

Darci said...

hey thanks for the link! Heading there to check them out now!