Friday, June 5, 2009

A few pics to tide ya over

I have been a bad blogger!
Excuses?? I have many, but none that can erase my guilt, for not showing up to update and blog. I am, suffice to say, ashamed of myself.
I figured Id not bore anyone with the details of 1400 miles of pavement and fast food, it was a decent trip, but I really was just driving, and trying to get from A to B. Nothing spectacular happened, though I will will share some neat pics I took along the way. The real adventure started once I landed at my destination.
I have been really busy, first with work, and trying to reacquaint myself with the town, and old friends.
The sheep and horses made it finally, though I'm not very happy about their condition. The horses, as I suspected they would, dropped some weight, but I was very upset to hear that my horses were loaded on the trailer on a Friday afternoon, and didn't step foot off the trailer until they were delivered to me on the following Tuesday! That's 5 days and nights standing asshole to elbow, (that's how they were loaded) together in a trailer they couldn't hardly move in. These mares are 22 and 26 years old! Not healthy for any animal, much less such aged horses. And besides, I'm pretty sure keeping stock in a trailer that long without off loading them, is not only inhumane, but quite possibly even illegal!
And thats not the end of my little rant. My sheep, are in a horrible state. Thier bones are sticking out! They were fat and healthy when they were loaded on that trailer. It is going to take me the better part of a month to get the flesh back on them! Bobby gave the the hauler 6 bales of hay to feed the horses and sheep, (15 sheep, and 2 horses) for the trip. The hauler gave me back 2 full bales of that hay when he got here. 4 bales of hay for 2 horses and 15 head of sheep for 5 flippin days!!! WTF!!!
Yep, Im a it peeved. The worst part is that this person came well reccomended. Guess ya cant believe everything ya hear these days, and I will never take a chance with my animals like that again to save a few bucks.

OK. End of rant.
Heres a few pictures I took. Most of them are from New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.

Hopefully, now that I am starting tomsettle into a routine around here, I can get back to being once again fairly consistant about updating, and fill everyone in on life here on the west side.


Dancing shepherdess said...

Those pics are amazing!!!!! Frame some of those, and send them to me!

As to the live stock. I cannot IMAGINE that the horses were not walked. Were they stocked up when you unloaded them?

I am willing to bet that they were not watered enough, which would mean that they won't eat. Next time, and for the rest of us, this means a contract is needed as to how they are handled en route.

At least everyone is home and can recover.

Loretta Mueller said...

WOW on the pics....I LOVE LOVE LOVE that part of the US ;-))

I am with you on being angry with the care of your animals...that is just insane...

I am glad everyone is there and safe now!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures.Thanks for sharing the journey.

Did the hauler give a reason why he could take the horse out to be walked? Did you tell the person who recommended him the details. Sorry to hear about tht for your horses and sheep. What breed of horses do you have?

Glad to have you in our area. Welcome home!

Darci said...

Hi Diane, Julie,and Loretta, No, he didnt give a reason to not have unlaoded them, matter of fact what he said was if he'd have had them another day he'd have taken them out, but that he hadnt unloaded them since he put them on the trailer. They are older horses, 26yrs and 22yrs, a Morgan mare and QH mare. They are good loaders and ride well, so he wouldnt have had any problems loading and unloading them, and he knew that. I dont think they recieved enough water, or time to drink it. I usually use National horse transport out of Colorado, but was trying to save a few dollars this time around, as transporting livestock with a "credable" hauler, is getting very, very, expensive. Sadly, my stock paid the price. Thanks for the welcome home, Im very happy to be back, Ive missed the mountains.
I did let the folks know that had told me the guy had a good track record, about my experience with him. They had never used him personally, but had heard good things. Ultimatly, it was my decision, so I hold no one accountable for thier info. It was given in good faith and well meaning. Just glad they are here and I can get them back healthy again. Grrrrr. Poor critters. :(

Unknown said...

Give them some alfalfa and sweet cob and lots of kisses and that should do the trick. I have an old arab and she is the apple of my eye and woe to anyone who hurts her.

When are you going to come to my neck of the woods?

Darci said...

Hi Diane, Ive about got Bear ready to be competitive at least at the pro novice level. Julie says I should be running him already, so I'll be looking at the USBCHA site to see whats going on, and maybe some time this year I'll be getting out your way.
I got the horses and sheep some first cut alfalfa yesterday and a bloat block, and they have been getting some grain already, the buckskin mare is looking better already, but the morgan mare is still a bit thin. They are both very easy keepers, so it shouldnt take long to get them back in good weight with some good grocries. Same for the sheep, though they are in a bit worse shape than the horses. I guess I learned the old adage, ya get what ya pay for. No more trying to save money when it comes to the care and well being of my animals. So glad I took the dogs and the LGD along with me!

Unknown said...

You are more than welcome to stay at my place...we have fields, sheep, dogs, cajun food, music and drinks....all waiting for you!!

p.s. bring your dogs

Darci said...

Ha! I always have the dogs with me! LOL
Id feel naked without one or two tagging along.
Thank you for the invite, I'll be sure to give ya a shout if I get the chance to head out that way. You make it sound so fun, I cant wait!