Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well hello there! Long time no see. Where u been? Ive missed u! LoL
Ok, so the word slacker at this point seems completely synonymous with my name. I'm ashamed that Ive allowed this blog to go so long without an update.
Honestly, I don't even know where to start, things have just been happening so rapidly, and yet, I'm starting to settle into a pattern finally.
I have a few lambs on the ground at the moment, cuties that they are. Oh, and pups too.
Chris had 7 fat healthy pups by Bear on the 5th of March, and they are doing great. Chris is great, and I cant leave the wiggly little cuties alone.
Time has been flying by, cant believe its almost spring already. I have finally gotten my hands on some Navajo churro sheep, going to pick up a yearling ewe lamb this next weekend. Cant wait. I'm very excited to get Bear out and work some of them. My sheep are getting pretty dogged right now.
On the work front, Ive found a great shop, busy as all get out, with some fine older gals to work with, that remember what grooming dogs is all about. Its nice to work with folks that know what the heck is going on, and don't try to micro manage.
Got a fella I'm pretty smitten with at the moment, don't know where that's going, but I'm happy to hang around and see. Its kinda nice to just have one to keep up with for a change. LoL and he makes me smile. At the moment, that is very important to me.
Oh, did I mention that I moved back to Salt Lake City? Hate the city, but no work in Vernal, so Kyle and I are making the best of it.
It snowed the other day, and I fell down some steps. Gave myself a concussion, chipped elbow and one huge bruise that covers one cheek of my fanny. Ouch. But I lived, and learned a valuable lesson. Don't open the door unless u want a dog to shoot out behind you and knock you off your feet. Yea,.....thanks for that Chris.
Kyle is doing well in his new school. He made the drill team in ROTC and is very into the program. They go to California in April for competitions, that will be fun. And! He finally let me cut that mop he called hair off! So nice to see my sons face again! LoL
There is just so much to talk about, and yet so very little time this morning, so I will have to be happy with this update for now, and try to get a little better at updating and get some new pics up. Im sure some of you would like to see puppy pics, so will work on getting some up this week. They really are tooooo cute!
So Hello to all, hope everything is going well for everyone, Ive missed ya'll, and will try to keep up a bit better. Toodles fer now.


An English Shepherd said...

Welcome back :-)

Sorry you fell accidents seems to be happening to everyone at the moment!


Darci said...

Some days, I think Im just an accident looking for a place to happen! Lol! Thanks, good to be back, hope I can be a bit more consistant from now on.

Darci's Mom said...

Puppies, puppies, puppies, pictures, pictures, pictures!!!!!!

I've been checking this page for months and months. 'Bout time you got your (sore) fanny back on line.

Picture of my grandson too! Would like to see his face without hair hanging in it! So happy he is in the ROTC. Good for him!

Sorry to hear you had a fall. Hope you had that head injury checked by a doctor and not self diagnosing! Head injuries can be dangerous if not checked...even fatal.

New baby lambs. Wish I lived closer. Would love to hold one.

Big hugs to you my girl. Love you. Mom

Kelly said...

Glad to see you back. Where are the sheep, in the city with you? Can't wait to see the Chris pups....hope all is well.

Darci said...

Hey Kelly! Yep, sheeps is here, they r in Cedar fort, out on 10 acres of sage brush, and loving life. Having to work in sage brush is really great 4 the dogs, makes em work and think. Pups r lookin great, all 7 of them! LoL Will be posting pics in a few days, when they're eyes will be open. 2 spoken 4 already,plus the one Im keeping, still have 4 looking 4 a working home. Its going to be an interesting breeding, seeing how they go. Wish they were a yr old already! LoL

Darci said...

Yes mom, I did, much to the distain of my wallet, go to the Dr. Heads all better now, elbow however will take a bit longer. pup pics in a few dayz when they're eyes open. They r soooooo cute.

Anonymous said...
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