Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Catching up.

Where have I been? What have I been doing? Where to begin!?
Lots to tell, so I will try to touch on most, at least a little bit to catch everyone up to snuff.
I'll start with the bummer heart breaking stuff first.
Last week, me and my BF took the saddles out to the horses and sheep, planning a nice long day ride. When we got there, no horses. WTF!!! We have alerted all the local authorities, but turned nothing up for over a week now. Been searching and searching the whole desert, nothing but sage brush and bunnies. I doubt I'll ever see Jewels and Cocoa ever again. Not really quite sure how they got gone, there is sign of a cougar, and a place where they went through a fence. but also there are tire tracks leading up to the gate, evidence they might have left via a trailer. Your guess is as good as mine. The cougar didn't just scare off the horses, but got two of my lambs and killed a prego ewe as well. We are also on the hunt for him. Cant leave the GLD out with the sheep, as I am pasturing my critters on a friends place, and he has a mean mule that kills dogs, so that fact makes it even worse, as I know Id not have these losses if Bruin were there to do his job.
I'm just sick with worry, and have all these horrible visions of my poor old girls starving, dehydrated....dead out in the desert. Id like to think instead, that they just joined up with a herd of wild ones, theres lots of mustang herds out there, and that some stallion has taken a fancy to them, and wont let them leave. Romantic thoughts I know, but the only one I can hold on to that gives me some hope that they are well.

Puppies. Yes, we have puppies! 7 of the little wiggly pooping babies. 4 weeks tomorrow, and I am really enjoying them now. Chris and Bear are proud parents, and Chis has been nothing short of a doting mother. So glad to see she has decided motherhood isn't so bad. She had 4 boys and three girls. Finally got a few tris too. I'm keeping two from this litter and seriously considering spaying Chris. She is 5 now, and Id really like to get back to concentrating on her working again. She pretty much has had since last Sept. off, only worked her a few times since then, and with the time off I'm hoping we can get back on the right track training. We'd be awesome if she and I can get it together. Some days I just think she'd be better off with another handler, one that is calmer and quieter than I, but I'm working on that. Bear, is the type of dog that better suits me and my way of training/and handling. Hoping these pups have the best of both in them, and cant wait till they are old enough to get going on stock.

Last weekend, I went to a ham shoot. Talk about fun! And! I actually won a ham! I was on my game and shooting well, but then, Id been practicing for weeks prior. I didn't use to care for shotguns, I'm more of a hand gun enthusiast, but I'm starting to enjoy the 12 gauge. Especially, when I can win free food!

Sheep are doing well,(whats left of them) I was suppose to pick up two new churro ewes last week, but with the search for the horses, and the cat that's been frequenting the property, that has been put off for a bit, till I can find more suitable pasture that is safer. So for now they will stay where they are at. I have 3 lambs left, and two more ewes to lamb. The desert is much more wild and unforgiving than I remember it. But we fixed a separate place for the sheep, and then attached sheep and goat fencing all the way around the paneled enclosure so the lambs couldn't get out, and it makes it harder for things to get in. Except, of course the bald eagles and golden eagles, which I see alot of around there. And lets not even talk about the ravens! As much as I love nature and its inhabitants, I'm having a real hard time appreciating either at the moment. Cleaning up lamb carcasses isn't some thing I enjoy.

Still enjoying the new job, and the gals I'm working with are great. Its nice when folks recognize the fact that one knows what they are doing, and doesn't feel the need to micro manage, just because they own the shop. After 30 years of grooming, I really don't need that.

Living in the city sucks. I certainly don't belong here, but its where the work is at, so I get out of the city as much as time will allow. Mostly camping out where the sheep are, but its in the middle of no where, so its quiet, and I can rejuvenate. After living in SLC for 15 years, you'd think I knew my way around, but everything has changed so much,(course I hadn't been back for 14 yrs) its like moving to a place Ive never been before. Thank God for Vera, my GPS. She has been a life saver. Do I think I'll move back to Vernal anytime soon? Nope. Not that I wouldn't like that, but there are things developing here, that may keep me from going to awful far. What u ask? Well, more like a who than a what.
I have met the strangest, sweetest little man, (back in Oct) and one that suits me to a tee. Ive, for lack of a better term, kicked all other suitors to the curb, and am head over heals smitten. The thing I like most about him is, that he allows me my independence, and yet, is always there for me. We have so much in common, and enjoy all the same things, spending time with him is never less than wonderful. I have pretty much moved in with him, and things are going extremely well. What a neat fella. A complete opposite of my over bearing, controlling, ex. What a breath of fresh air.

So, things are starting to settle down now, and we are getting into a routine. That in itself, getting back to a routine, has helped me to get better focused and relaxed. It was getting pretty insane for a bit. Bouncing all over, coming and going, moving here and there. I feel much more settled, and calm. Happy, if you will. Course, I cant say I wasn't happy bouncing around, it was exciting, and fun, but as I get older, (and I will be 48 come Easter Sunday) I'm finding that being involved in a GOOD relationship, can be just as much fun and just as, if not more rewarding than being footloose and fancy free. Wish me luck that my Aries personality, can behave herself, and keep things on an even keel.

Well, that's about it for now, I'm sure there are things Ive left out, but right now, I'm home sick with a temperature, and its time to go back and lie down. Couldn't have picked a better day to be sick, as its been snowing since 6am this morning and there is 4 inches of the white stuff already on the ground. It certainly doesn't look as though spring is in the air today.

Am I back to blogging a bit more regularly? Yeppers, that's what I be thinking. Especially with the new pups, I'm sure I'll be having lots to blog about here directly. So don't touch that dial! LoL In the immortal words of Arnold,.......I'll be back!


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