Thursday, May 21, 2009

So far we have made it to Knoxville Tenn.

We left out later than we had planned yesterday. Then needed to stop and drop Chris off at JP's for her date with Robins Zac. I sure do miss her, but it'll be worth all that if we can get them bred. Gonna be some awesome puppers!
Made it to Knoxville, Tenn last night about 7:30pm and got a room. Days Inn, FYI in Knoxville takes crazy dog ladies with 5 dogs and a 14yr old boy, no questions!
Got a good nights sleep, and headed out this morning to where ever Vera guides us. She has been an impeccable co-pilot, though just a little grumpy when I stray from her undeviated path. I'm beginning to hate the word reconfiguring!
Will update later tonight when we land......??????
Probably wont be many pics of sights till we get a little further west. The desert is beautiful. Loving the new AAA. It got me a discount at the motel, even with 5 dogs!
The truck is doing great, and is pulling the trailer so nicely, that I bearly know its back there.
Gotta get motoring for now, more later.


Darci's Mom said...

I'm keeping up with you, even tho I didn't get a personal e-mail. Safe journey my dear. Say, how you gonna get Chris out to Utah? Can't believe you left her behind!!!! Love you, Mom

Kelly J. said...

I was wondering about Chris, actually emailed JP this morning asking about that!! Hope you are having fun even though we MISS YOU!!

An English Shepherd said...

Yes have a safe trip

Wizz :-)