Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tomorrow.... Texas!

Well, today we made it across Arkansas. What a flat and boring drive. I didn't even see anything worth taking a picture of, though there was a big river we passed over coming out of Tenn into Ar. that was pretty cool.
I have been in the sticks so long Id forgotten what horrible, inconsiderate drivers people can be!
The speed limits are 70 and up to the Sky's the limit, according to those Ive encountered. Glad I got a big truck, or Id be scared shit less!
Today Kyle and I were at a rest area, and I forgot my cell phone in the ladies room. When we were leaving, I was side tracked by one of the rest stop employees inquiring about what appeared to be a polar bear sticking his snout out the back of the horse trailer. Ive been watching Bruin, and he seems to enjoy standing on his back legs and watching the world go by, looking through the slats in the trailer. Ive caught him doing it as I check my mirrors, and its pretty cute.
The fella and I got to talking for a minuet, and of course, who could miss the 3 collies heads hanging out the windows, and so we talked about them for a few minuets too. As I left the rest area, I got about 6 or 7 miles down the road, and realized Id left my phone, and knew exactly where Id left it.
I had Kyle use his phone to call my phone in hopes that some one would answer it and I could tell them to leave it with some one, and as he was doing that, he answered his phone and low and behold, it was the guy from the rest area, calling kyles phone to tell me he had my phone! Too funny. The fella told me that he knew exactly who's phone it was when he saw the pic I have as the screen saver of Bear on it driving sheep!
Of course, we turned right around and went ack and got it. Grrrrrrr. Bet I wont be doing that again.

Hank is still doing well, no ill effects whatsoever from the over dose of safeguard. That's one tough dawg! For those that don't know, I had set the plunger backwards when getting it ready to dose him, and before I realized what I was doing, Id dosed him for a 400 lb horse! Called the vet and he said Id probably have to deal with a bit of the runs and vomiting, but that he should be alright, and so far he has been just dandy. He did recommend that I not worm him again for another 2 weeks though! LOL
I guess I can laugh now, but I sure wasn't laughing when I did it.
Highlights so far of the trip, we stopped by a Trading post this after noon, and I was very disappointed. Everything there came from either Pakistan or India! Even the "Navajo rugs" came from India! And they were poor quality at best.
Tonight we stayed again at a Days Inn and again, they took the crazy dog lady and 5 dogs without question.
Id stopped at a Super 8 first, and asked about their pet policy and the gal that worked there said they took dogs and cats. So when I asked if they'd allow 5 dogs, she looked out at my truck, and loudly exclaimed that they only took in domestic pets! And definitely not that many! Domestic pets? What the hell, I wonder did she think she saw? Oh well, Days Inn gets my money for the remainder of the trip.
Nice clean rooms, and good service, friendly staff, and at least they know what a Border Collie is when they see one!
So, so far its been a pretty uneventful trip. That's a good thing.
Chris, when I dropped her off at JP's before I left, had just started to come into season, so she will be home before I know it! That's good, cause I miss her little split face butt.
Tomorrow, I'm going to try to get across Texas. Another flat boring state. New Mexico will be alot more fun and then into Arizona. I'm taking 191 thur Chambers Az. so I can Avoid having to pull the mountains in Colorado and going thru Denver.
Maybe once we get to Texas, I'll pull out the camera!
Better get some sleep, got miles to put behind us tomorrow.


Dancing shepherdess said...

I wonder if that river was the big muddy? I was in Arkansas back in '95. BORING. HOT. That's about it.

I hope you take pics of your rig- with all the animals in it- and with a hotel in the background, AND a pic of all of you in a hotel!

That's funny about the cell phone :)

So good to hear from you as you go. Keep safe, and keep updating!

Robin French said...

Sounds like you're making great progress!

Loretta Mueller said...

Arkansas is boring for sure :-)) I LOVE New Mexico and Arizona.....sooooo pretty!!!

Safe travels as always and I can't wait to see pictures!

Darci's Mom said...

Stay Safe my girl. Don't drink the water! Pick up some bottled water and keep it handy. Texas is hot and dusty. Days Inn is a great chain of motels. Glad you found a "home" away from home. Enjoy following your trip day by day. Love you, Mom.

Chasing The Dog said...

say hi to tx for me. :) That's my home state.

What did she think you had--dingos or something? Domestic pets, too funny!

Darci said...

I love Texas, always have its a beautiful place I'll be sure to give it a big howdy for ya!

dingos! I hadnt thought of that! dont quite know what she thought she saw!lol

not drinking the water mom, why would i they have vanilla coke out here! yuuuummmmmm