Saturday, May 9, 2009

We're moving back out west

Well, this idea has been rolling around in the back of my mind for quite some time now, and it appears that the forces that be, for whatever reasons, which is usually not my luck, are working with me to be able to make the move.
My husband and I have come to the conclusion, that we make better friends, than partners, I tend to agree, and am relieved, that he has seen to it that we part ways amicably and are able to remain friends through this difficult time. Actually, since filing for divorce a few weeks ago, we get along now, better than ever! Which on one one hand I'm grateful for, but on the other is kinda creepy.
I have contacted a livestock hauler, and he has taken on at the last minuet, my motley crew of sheep and horses, and so I'm now scrambling to get the necessary blood tests and paperwork to have them shipped, in the short time that I'm allotted before the pick up date at the end of the month.

I am really looking forward to being back home, Ive so missed Utah and my friends out there. My son and I, though we have to some extent, enjoyed the last three years years here in NC are really not cut out to be Southerners. Neither of us like sweet tea or grits, and I think its prerequisite, along with eating black eyed peas on New Years (of which neither of us can stand either) among a lot of other things, that are so typically Southern, and we just have not been happy here and not able to completely acclimate or bounce back from the culture shock in the differences between here and out west. There are so many, I joke about the grits and sweet tea, but the lifestyles between here and there, are so vastly different, that you'd have to live it to really understand it, and I'm afraid I'm not articulate enough to explain it. Its like living with the feeling that one is lost all the time, like being transported back to another space and time where you just don't understand or belong.

All the dogs will be coming with, and I will be happy to get back working with the folks in the Utah Stock dog Assoc. At least going back there, I wont be unknown, and it take a year as it did here to meet working folks, and I can keep my dogs going in the right direction, working with knowledgeable folks.
Of course, there are the usual regrets, and I wish I could take all the good folks Ive met out here with me, but for some odd reason they all seem pretty attached to this state at the moment. Maybe that will change some day and I can convince them otherwise.
I joined AAA the other day, because I fear driving back alone with a truck load of dogs, pulling a 4 horse open stock trailer with all our belongings in it, that if I do some thing stupid, (which comes quite naturally to me) like lock myself out of my truck, run out of fuel, or get a flat, that I wont be able to handle that situation very well with out freaking out and panicking, so the services they offer are quite handy. I also bought a new GPS system, (I named her Vera, she talks to me! ) because I am so horribly directionally challenged. I'm hoping that between Vera and I, that we can navigate the 1800 mile trip with little or no incident.

I will continue to keep the blog updated as much as I can, the trip will take 3 to 4 days to drive, and we will be taking lots of pictures along the way, we are not going to be in a great big hurry to get back on any certain date, and so we will be trying to stop and smell the roses so to speak along the way. I plan on getting a room each night, and most have Internet, so I hope to be able to chronicle the trip.

I have been offered a good job, doing what I know and love, when I get back home, with a gal that I taught to groom many years ago, she now owns her own shop, and I look forward to working with her again. Also between she and I, we have arranged for boarding for my horses, and pasture for the sheep, as well as I have been able to rent a Mobil home on the property where the sheep and horses will be. Not to shabby, for some thing that seems to have taken on a life of its own in only a short week. It seems in the course of one day, Ive gone to thinking about it, to actually going ahead and doing it. It seems the way Ive always done things though, so it comes as no surprise to me. I'm pretty adept at getting things together in a rush.

I have along the course of time, been doing a few things "just in case" so its not like Ive had to do it all in one day or anything. I had tried to find a job out here, but the economy here in NC is so bad what with folks loosing their jobs left and right, that dog grooming is low on most folks priority lists, and groom shops are having a difficult enough time keeping what folks they already have employed with work, and part time doesn't even begin to allow me to support myself and my son and the critters, much less my needs/addiction for keeping the dogs working and us learning.

So, in a few short weeks, we will be on the road, and headed home. I cant say I will hate to see NC in my rearveiw mirror, it holds many good memories, but I'm afraid that the bad ones outweigh the good, and its time to change that, for my son as well as for myself, and move forward. I always have enjoyed an adventure.


Dancing shepherdess said...

I 100% understand Darci. Utah is your spiritual home. Your home in your heart. I am fortunate enough to be able to live where my heart is, and moving away from it would be nigh unto impossible, I am afraid. Now, you can get back to where you were out there with your friends, and life. It is good that you were able to see where you needed to be.

You are also very lucky to be in the midst of great trainers!

Dancing shepherdess said...

ps: I would LOVE to see/train in Utah- got room in your truck for a medium sized person and relatively small dog?

Darci said...

Come go with! The more the merrier! I have the truck bed still open, and half the back end of the 4 horse trailer, and if the dogs would make room, part of the back seat in the truck! LOL

Loretta Mueller said...

I completely understand where you are coming in Minnesota I feel EXACTLY how you speak of NC...lost. That is a great way to describe it...and I know how that can be...

I am soo very happy for you to be going home ;) Please definetly keep us updated.

Jodi said...

Woo hoo! You're headed my way! Have a safe trip! Keep us posted!

Darci said...

Put the kettle on Darlin' Im coming home! LOL

Kelly said...

Oh Darci!! I'm going to miss you...can Jen and I come out and visit you sometime? I didn't even know you were thinking about leaving......?

Darci said...

Oh heck yes Kelly! Please do! Its my contention to get everyone from here out there! You know, wild range sheep and my company! Gotta be some kind of a draw there!! LOL
Besides, when I get settled, Im going to look into getting on the Indain Churro Sheep program, Ive always wanted some Churro's and I know a few gals that have some. I like them.
Anytime, you just come on out. you have an open invitation. And I really do mean that!

An English Shepherd said...

Look forward to reading about your trip back home.

Wizz :-)

Darci said...

Wait'll you see the pics!! Its an awesome drive!Especially when we get around N.Mexico, Texas, and the finally Utah.

Unknown said...

Aw, now you're making me want to pick up and head west too, although I expect I'd miss living here (well, not here, exactly, but I'd miss Virginia). Maybe I need to expand my job search west....

Darci said...

As I said, my only regret about leaving, is that I wont be able to have you guys to run dogs, train and play with. Im really going to miss you and Laura and Robin and Kelly a lot.
So extend that job search and load up those new sheep and come go with! Wouldnt hurt my feelings, nope! Not one single bit! You'd love the mountains, and!!! No fleas and ticks, heartworm! Worming only twice a year whether they need it or not, good alfalfa hay! And the land and housing is a lot less expensive than here, not to mention less taxes on everything all the way around! Do you need more convincing? I got plenty! LOL

Darci's Mom said...

Well, my baby girl, I have a surprise for you! After you get settled, let's say this fall, your mamma is coming to visit (so I can meet Kyle, my 13 year old grandson). Haven't seen YOU since Tammy was about 9 and she's 23 years old! Think that's a good plan? You see, it's easier to get to Utah from Arizona than to North Carolina!!!!

Darci said...

Hi Mom,
I think that is a great plan!, what would be even greater, is if youd give me the age break you give Tam and Kyle! LOL
Tammi is 26 and Kyle is 14 now! Yes, its been awhile since you and I have shared the same air, and I am thrilled that you are going to come visit! Oct is a good time, not to cold, and the trees are turning, Oh! And if its around Halloween, Tracy has the most killer decorated house! Its downright scary, and her mom just moved out there from Pa. so you old ladies can hand out candy while Trace and I go scare the bejesus out of kids!
cant wait to see you! What a nice surprise!

Unknown said...

We look forward to seeing you out here. Stop by if you are in the Seattle area

Darci said...

Thanks Diane!
If/when Im out that way I surely will do that!

BCxFour said...

Darci, I am so far behind in reading blogs...I just read this.

My thoughts are with you and how difficult this time must be - but you are doing all the right things for yourself! It is amazing at how wonderfully things are falling into place. Someone/something is there with you easing this journey - sending you a 'cosmic' message that this is the right thing to do.

It is so empowering to make that drive from NC. I did it towing my car behind a 24 ft U-haul when I left my husband at Ft Bragg. If I can do it with three kids (5, 2 & 6 months old) alone, barely any money and no cell phone - you can do it easily!!!

I know you can do this... and you will be surprised at how easy it really is. Break up your days, make it an adventure to play and site-see. You and Kyle will be just fine and you will be making life long memories of your trip back to independence and happiness!

Now that you are closer - hopefully some day we can meet (Idaho - the herding paradise is midpoint). Maybe at a trial or when I get wild hair to jump in the car and drive like I do on road trips... John and I were just discussing making a trip to Utah at some point because he has never been out of our state in a car (only airplanes). Let us know after you get settled if you need any electrical work done? He is an electrician & loves to help friends out.

My thoughts and prayers are with you - I am sending you vibes for strength, peace and encouragement.

You are one day closer to the rest of your life. You have friends who love you (even if it is only over the internet) who are thinking about you!

You can do this!!!

Anonymous said...

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