Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Snip, Snip.


I am so tickled. Awhile back I found a clinic that does discount spays and neuters. I don't particularly care for the word "discount" when applied to some one cutting on my dogs, but that's what they call it, so, for lack of a better word..... When ya first call them for an appointment, they put you on a waiting list, and from there it takes them about 3 weeks to give a call back with an appointment. Got my call back last week. So I'm taking Andy the Std. Poodle and Bruin the Great Pyr in on Thursday for the snip snip. With Andy at 18 months and 60 lbs and Bruin at 7 months and 1oolbs it would have cost me nigh on 600.00 dollars at my regular vets to get them both done. I can find better ways to spend 600.00 bucks (like towards fuel!) So I'm very glad to have found this place. Really, I didn't "find" it. Its not like they were tucked into some deep dark hole in no-mans land, its new clinic, and this city sure did need them. I groom in a pet store, and you can not imagine what I see people trying to pawn off on the owners every day. Some days I think they're going to run out of cutsie designer names for all the mixed breed puppies that are "accidentally" bred and need homes. Can we say; FIX YOUR DOGS!!?? KEEP THEM LEASHED<> BUILD A FENCE! KEEP THEM INDOORS!! QUITE ALLOWING THEM TO RUN RAMPID !! CHUGS AND MALTIWEINERS ARE NOT WORTH LOADS OF MONEY!! It is so sad all the stories I hear every day about how Fifi, the 9 yr old poodle mix was "raped" (yea right) by the neighbor's bulldog! I'm sorry, but Fifi is 9 yrs old! You couldn't find the time/money in 9 yrs to spay your dog??!! Those are the times I just have to get out of the store, go back into my little hole in the wall shop and close the door. Sadly, it happens all to often.

I don't mind folks breeding dogs for a purpose, or to better the breed, I think in a lot of instances, some of those that do, have the right idea about what they are doing and how they go about placing their pups. Those however that just constantly breed their poodle to their neighbors schnauzer to get snoodles to "make lots of money," just make me sick. But, in the same breath, I have to admit its a lot of those types of dogs that keep me in business, so from where I stand, its a bit of a double edged sword.

Im gettin off track. Back to the New Clinic.

I am taking Andy and Bru in to work tomorrow to get their baths so they wont smell like my pond ( Andy) and sheep doo ( Bruin). Andy lives in the house with us, so he isn't to bad, but Bru....he's been living out with the sheep, and as much as I prefer the smell of my sheep over say the smell of goats, I don't want to spend the next week with a dog that smells of sheep doo. Bru will enjoy his stint of being a house dog for a few days after his neuter. When he was a pup (well, he's still a pup, I guess I should say when he was smaller and younger) he was allowed to come in the house, and go for rides in the truck, periodically, so he is house trained and acclimated to riding in the truck. Ive heard stories about folks that have LGD"s that haven't been out of the field or off the farm for years, and struggling with a 200lb dog that doesn't want to go with me, or get into a truck, or walk into a strange place can not only be a hell of an under taking for a couple of adults, but it can also be very stressful for the dog, so I have broken a few rules about how to keep an LGD and its working out just fine, he stays with/guards his sheep, but he will also come to us willingly, load in the truck willingly, and walk on a leash without lagging or dragging, and not be so unhandled or unhandlable, that a simple trip to the vets promotes a total and complete meltdown for the dog. Besides, knowing Bruin as I do, I feel that if he hadn't had this type of upbringing and socialization, he could become dangerously aggressive if pushed beyond his patience/tolerance limits and either hurt himself, or a person. Anyway, I too look forward to him spending a few days inside, as I miss him. He has a wonderful soul, and is such a doll to be around. Very low key when in the house, he just finds a cool spot under the kitchen table, and chillz.

Just glad to be getting him done before he learns he can jump the fence and go looking for love.

Andy is a wonderful example of the breed, but I'm not into breeding poodles, and as long as he's fixed, I wont have to worry about folks asking me all the time if they can breed him to their Golden Retrievers and Labradors! If one more person stupidly asks me, I'm afraid my response is going to get me fired.

The Clinic has been getting some great reviews. Ive read several write ups on them in the paper now, and Ive asked many folks that have utilized their services, and they have all said the place and the folks there are great. I like hearing that. I have spoken with them numerous times now myself, and am confident in their professionalism and knowledge. So the kicker to all the great stuff Ive been hearing is, that it will only cost me 45.00 dollars each to get the boys neutered!

Lex and Roy are scheduled for the end of the month, and I have a friend bringing one of her dogs down then, to have hers done as well. I am so glad, not just for me, but for the whole community, that this Clinic has come to town.

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