Friday, June 6, 2008

Working Girl

My training program, has been pretty slack since I move to NC. Ive had Lex to carry out any sheep duties, so I pretty much let the younger dogs just sit. Didn't do much with them. in the way of training. I have finally decided to get back into the groove of things and get Stella going, and start to correct some things with Chris.

I don't think there is anything that will spur a person on to "get out there" more than seeing progress, or when a dog finally starts to "get it" through consistency of work and training.

And that's whats happening with little Miss Stella at the moment. Ive had her out most days, (well late evenings) this past week. Seeing her start to get it together has been exciting and I cant wait to get her back out each time. The relationship between Stella and I has come a long way since I got her as a 9 week old pup. (she is now 21 months) Ive had her up for sale several times, and have just out right not liked the dog more often than anything for quite some time. She can be a very annoying, hard headed, free spirit of a little dog.

She really took on some major changes since she finally went through her first heat back in March. Its like she is a different dog. She's attentive, and listens, wants to please, and is a joy to be around. I probably have to admit I enjoy taking her with me places and having her out loose in the house with me more now than any of the other collies. ( Shhh, don't tell Lex!) She's quite animated and fun, yet, if I just want to read or do something on the computer for a few hours, she"s quite happy to just lay on the floor by me and chew a cow hoof or nap.

Working wise, she had been difficult to get started. Partly because of me not being consistent enough with work/training, and partly I think due to the fact that neither of us cared that much for the other for awhile. That's all changed now, ( couldn't really say how or what happened, ) but I'm sure glad I didn't end up selling her. Night before last, we had some major break throughs while working sheep, and I have been refreshed by this little dogs enthusiasm and willingness. The willingness part especially.

Chris and I are headed over to a friends house some time this weekend to do some packed pen work to help her relax a bit more doing up close work. My friends BF is coming over to visit till Sunday, but she said she still has to get her dogs out and work them, and that she'd call me when she did and we could work with Chris. She's only about 20 miles from my house which is great, seeing as fuel has jumped so high recently. I feel that if Chris can get over being so grippy and start using her brain when in tight places with sheep, that we can progress pretty quickly from there. She is already half trained, so getting past this will free us up to proceed to bigger things. I may bring Stella too, as my friend told me I could use her small field (not really a round pen) to do some work as well. Ive been working with Stella on my pasture and not in a round pen, so it will be interesting since she is doing so nicely to see how well she goes in a new surrounding with different sheep.

I haven't picked back up my new book lately. ( Top Trainers) I don't know if that says much for the book or not, maybe I expected some thing different, or more, I don't know. But I'm going to be off work till Tuesday, so I'm going to make an effort to pick it back up and get it read while I'm off.

Andy and Bruin are doing great today. Back to their normal selves. The way they were neutered, is different from the way Ive had/seen dogs neutered in the past, and that may have some thing to do with it. The clinic sent them home with pain meds, but I haven't seen a need to administer them, they seem to feel pretty good. I was a bit iffy about having the rabies done on them while they were there, but it was policy, and I wouldn't say I wasn't appraised of this before they went, I just forgot they had told me that. But, no ill effects, so I shouldn't be such a worry wart. Roy's episode just still has me a bit spooked about the Rabies vaccine. Bruin seems to be thoroughly enjoying being indoors, especially since its been so hot out, and Bobby is spoiling him some thing terrible. Tonight they were sharing banana Popsicles and Bru really likes them!


Anonymous said...

I've been there before - having a dog that I just didn't particularly... like. That was tough, and just like you guys we got over it (well - I got to where I didn't want to just strangle her daily, anwyay) and it was worth it. Good for you with working her more consistently though - I'm sure it will pay off.

How did the packed pen work go? Sheesh it was stupid hot this weekend!

Darci said...

Yep, for lack of a better word, and trying to honor your no potty mouths, stupid hot is a good one. We didnt do the packed pen work, just to hot.Last night it was still 90 degrees at 11pm! I didnt work dogs needless to say, I think we'd have all died of heat exaustion.
Stella and I are best buds now, and I cant tell ya how much better I feel about that. I really felt bad about not liking her, but to be fair, I dont think she was that keen on me either. Just glad we have been able to mend our fences, she's such a trip! Hows the calf?

Anonymous said...

The calf is actually apparently making progress. She's finally started to nurse on her own. I don't think we're out of the woods just yet, but it looks like things are looking up!