Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Anthropologist in me

Recently, I saw on the news, where there has been a new tribe discovered in the Amazon jungles of Brazil.. Deep, in the Amazon jungle. Then, I was listening to MPR yesterday and the gentleman being interviewed, was very candid in that the trip to these peoples village, would not only take months to get there and with a large entourage, but could also become a deadly one at that, for so many reasons.

I would love to go! What an adventure, what an experience! To find in this day and age, such a primitive people. National Geographic! Just hand me a camera and get outta my way! ( I wish it were so simple)

It is very intriguing to me to know that there are still villages of a primitive people that have never had contact with the modern world, or, contact with any other race, or person other than within their own tribe.

Can you imagine how these folks live? How their children are born, raised? What their day consists of?? How they cure their sick, and heal their injured?? What and how they eat, prepare and store their food? It would be so interesting to be able to observe the lives of these people without being detected. (As I understand it, if you are detected, you are hunted down and killed!) Probably a good thing that they do this, as while I was listening, the fella being interviewed, was also telling about how detrimental it would be for modern man to descend upon these people. They have no immunities to anything that we, even as individuals would bring into the jungle with us. The common cold, could wipe out the entire village!

It all seems so fragile and pristine, but on the other hand, these folks have gotta be pretty tough to live the way they do! Just think of the dangers.

But, for the moment, this tribe will remain safe from disturbance of any kind from the outside world, and thank goodness for that. Anthropologists no longer attempt to contact those groups, but instead demarcate the land and wait for them to make contact. There are said to be at least 100 uncontacted tribes throughout the world. The Metyktire ( as the tribe is called) about 87 members in all, is believed to have been formed by a group of families who fled deeper into the forest when the pioneering Indian defender Orlando Villas Boas appeared in the area in the 1950s.

To me this is all soooo interesting! Exciting! Soooo cool! I am very excited about the prospect of people still, in this day and age being able to retain their culture, their lands, their way of life!

It is sad though, that now that the news of this tribe is out, and those that stumble upon it have had their 30 seconds of fame, that we will no longer hear of this tribe. I commend those that will protect them, and fight for their privacy. But I wish, when/if the day came that this tribe did allow members of modern society to encroach on their little village, that I was among the first to be invited.

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