Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wow, its been a busy couple of weeks! So much going on, and so very little time to catch my breath. Work has been pretty steady, and thats a good thing. I opened the shop exactly 2 yrs ago tomorrow, and though it got off to a slow start, and I had thought a few times about closing it down, I'm happy to say that it is finally paying off, and I have accumulated enough biz to keep me busier than I really wanted to be. Perhaps next yr I will look at adding another groomer, or at least a bather for myself. Maybe sooner if the trend keeps up. Not only do I have enough regular clients to keep me busy, but new ones every day. Ive been keeping track of the card files, and looking to see what percentage of clients are regular return clients, and over all, I have a 90 percent return of all clients. Thats great! I am very pleased that this biz has taken off and through the process has been able to retain most all my clients. Its not easy pleasing everyone all the time, but it sure is rewarding come payday!

All the pups that were slated to go to their new homes, have been placed. Kell went yesterday, and I miss him so much already. Chris is doing pretty well lately, but I haven't done much with Stella, as Ive been concentrating more on getting Chris straightened out. She is learning that even though we are in among sheep, that it isn't a given that she gets to work them, although that little fact still hasn't quelled her desire. The ram, has learned that Chris can and will work him, and he has learned to respect her and not try going over the fence to the horse pasture and take the ewes with him anymore. I have started just not saying much to Chris, and am just letting her work the herd, and because of that, she is more in control/command of her sheep, and not constantly worrying about me and the sheep sense it and are much better behaved because her attitude is more focused on them and less worried about me. She is such a neat little dog to work with, I really do hope that we can trial one day. Since I am learning to trust her more, and not always standing on her worrying that she will mangle her sheep, so many nice things are starting to show, and we are really starting to come together as a team. Learning to trust Chris is hard, she has given me more than one reason not to in the past, but the more I trust her, the more I see her starting to loosen up and enjoy the work instead of being so pent up. We are going over to Julie's tomorrow to work with her magic sheep and I hope that Chis will remain on the even keel that she has been showing here at home lately. Actually, I hope she can work at all. She got through with a work a few days ago, and went to jump in the water trough to cool off, and twisted her leg which had rendered her a bit lame over the past few days. She has been on crate rest and no work for about 4 days now and the limping is almost un noticeable now. We'll see how she goes on Sunday. Lex is headed to the vets on Tuesday to be spayed, I really have mixed feelings about this, but I know that its for the best. It just really makes things so final. No more pups for a very long time now, if ever. But, Ive kept two nice pups off this last litter and I am very happy with them, and like their little personalities. Between Chris, Stella, raising these two pups, and the dog coming in from Germany this fall, I'll have plenty to keep me busy. About the time the started dog comes in from Germany, I will hopefully be starting pups, and the plan is to have Stella and Chris to a point where we can start trialing this fall/winter season. Depending on where this new dog is in her training when she comes in, we may even be able to do some trialing in nursery. Definitely would be worth the traveling to trials if I have 3 dogs to enter.

My dad is coming to visit from Luxembourg in October. I'm so excited. I haven't seen him for 3 years. He is bringing his girl friend with him this trip, I haven't met her yet, but have exchanged e-mails several times and am getting to know her a bit that way. She has Border Collies too, but does agility with hers. She is also a hunter/jumper and equitation? rider. It'll be fun to have her here I think and maybe we can go ride a bit away from the fellas and get to know one another better. I think Sam will be hanging on to this one a bit longer than other gals he has spent time with in the past. The fact that they recently purchased a house together tells me that he feels confident that this is going to last. I am happy for him that he has found some one that he can relax around and be himself, and that he isn't alone and uncertain anymore.

Roy, has found himself a soft place to land. he is living with the post man that brings the mail to the shop. Chris, the postman, has been looking for another BC as a playmate for his 18 month old BC Mulligan for quite awhile now, and even though when Chris came in to deliver the mail last week, neither of us had any intentions or ideas of Roy meeting Mulligan, by the end of our conversation, it was a done deal, and Roy would be going to spend a few days with Chris and his wife to see how Mulligan and Roy got along. As of Thursday, when I last talked to Chris, he was very pleased with Roy and how he and Mulligan are getting along, and has decided to keep Roy. Roy and Mulligan are both slated to go in for neuters on Thursday next week. I miss Roy terribly. He is a very special dog. But again, it goes back to being proud that I can place a well trained and well rounded dog in a wonderful and loving home. I wasn't looking to place Roy, but it was to good an opportunity for Roy to place my own feelings before the needs of the dog. Chris and his wife are an older couple, with no children and all the time in the world to devote to and spoil their dogs. Roy has found a great home without half as much competition for attention, where there are no sheep for him to look at every day and be frustrated over, he has a total in house life, no more kennels for him, and Chris's wife has already fallen head over heels in love with Roy. I can see how she would. Still, I miss his sweet gaze and warm head in my hand. He has held a special place in my heart for so many reasons, above and beyond the other dogs. He is a special guy, and I am happy for him, but sad for me.


Anonymous said...

Well, you SHOULD be doing good business - you do good work. Ginger still looks FABULOUS - even with no opportunity for a bathe or anything she looks wonderful. Thanks Darci!

Sorry about Roy though - I hope he loves his new home. Even when it's the right thing it's still hard.

Darci said...

Thank you Laura, I do enjoy what I do and always hope what I do makes the dogs and their people happy too. From what I hear, Roy is doing really well. But I still keep looking for him. Hank looks just like him, ( like Roy did as a pup)and is starting to show a lot of the same personality as Roy. Matter of fact, Bobby and Kyle have to keep reminding me that his name is Hank, cause I keep calling him Roy.

Anonymous said...

Hehe. I have three dogs whose names are "whateveryournameis". :)