Monday, June 16, 2008

Phew! What a week! I didn't think it was ever going to end. Dogs flying at me every which a way!

Last week, was my "long week", where I work a straight 5 days including Saturday. There was a rabies clinic at the store on Saturday from 9 to 12 and everyone in Sanford I think wanted to get their dogs nails done! Kind of hard to get all your scheduled dogs groomed in a timely manner, when you have 5 more every 30 minutes walking in unannounced, wanting to get their dogs nails done. Of course, I saw dollar signs every time one walked in, so far be it from me to turn them away. I must have made an extra 50 or 60 dollars over and above my regular commission, (not including tips) for what I already had on the books in toe nail clip revenue alone! Not going to argue with that! Course it was the time it took up, that really hurt me. Of course, every one wants to talk, and tell Fluffy's life story, or ya get the 1 yr old strapping ( OK lets be honest, obese, strong as an Ox and fighting on every foot) lab that's never been out of the back yard, and all the sudden has been dragged into the car and taken to a big busy store with lots of other dogs all over the place, and then given a shot, and then dragged into my shop for a toe nail trim, (which is some thing else that they've never had done!) and it all just becomes a blur.

Cut to quitting time, which according to my back couldn't have been soon enough. I still have to load 200 lbs of feed into the truck, and clouds are looking pretty dark. I had a few errands to run after work, so needless to say, the sky fell out on the way home, and all my feed got soaked. When I ran into the storm, which the nice lady at my last errand stop, had informed me when I asked, that the storm had passed, and the weather report said no more rain, so instead of putting the feed in the back seat before leaving there, ( which is what I had "thought" I should do before I drove off) I just left in in the bed of the truck, then proceeded to the highway. Well, 2 miles down highway 1 the bottom fell out. No where to stop and pull over and move the feed bags, so I just drove on hoping Id drive out of it soon. No such luck, it just got worse. I could barely see the road, and had gone from a carefree 70 mph to a careful 45 and couldn't see the road! Feed be damned, I wasn't getting out in that stuff and transferring the feed. The bags were so wet by then, they'd have probably busted the second I tried to lift them, granted I even could as their weight probably doubled with the soaking they'd gotten. It poured the entire rest of the way home, and me in unfamiliar territory, in the dark, I was, a mess by the time I got home. I didn't want to get out of the truck after I pulled into the yard it was still raining that hard. And Oh the thunder and lightening. Scary. Right over top of us, and I feared for the horses out there hiding in the woods from it all. The sheep were smart, (Ha ! I know the word smart and sheep all in the same mouthful does seem a bit confusing,) but they had enough good common sense to get under the shelter anyway, so I was glad to see that. Mind you, I'm not complaining about the rain, we surely need it, but it could have waited till I got home and had my feed unloaded! Now what to do with 200 lbs of wet feed? Its still sitting in the bed of the truck, drying, and I haven't figured out what I need to do with it yet.

On the agenda for this week, is kennel repair and re-work. I'm wanting to take one of the older less sturdy kennels down and put up 2 new ones. I have the materials, but the help?? Well, that's another story. But, I put up the last ones together by myself, and built the lambing shed practically by myself, so its not an impossible thing. Just would like to see a man step up to the plate and help his wife. Course a good sized 13 yr old boy, could be of some assistance if he so desired as well, but I think the TV would have to be on the fritz before that would happen on a voluntary basis. Some days I feel as if I just live here with two capable but lousy roommates, and that I could do better if I was just on my own. Been there, done that. Didn't fair so badly come to think of it! But, I digress.

Bruin has been put back in on pasture with the sheep. I couldn't say he was over joyed by it. He was getting to like the air conditioner and banana Popsicles. One thing I noticed about him last night is, that he must not sleep a wink at night. I heard him barking all night long. After several trips out there to see what he was barking about, I just figured he was simply letting the world know he was back on duty and they'd better not try coming onto his place. The sheep must hate him for disturbing their sleep all night with his barking. I rather enjoy his bark. It is rather melodic, and isn't loud or harsh sounding to the ears. Just constant.

Andy is happy to have his freedom again. He had started to hematoma in the sack, from his bouncy little self, so he went on strict crate rest and walks on the leash, until this weekend, and everything has gone down nicely and is looking good.

I did pick up my book again, several times in fact, but still haven't gotten it finished yet. It is, rather boring to me. The authors ask the same questions and get pretty much get the same answers, with very little variance. Its really not a "How To" book in as much as its a "how do you?" book. Some good info, but nothing Ive never heard or read before. I could pick up most any other stock dog training manual and read the same stuff. So, I'm not saying it isn't a good book, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have numerous other books here that Ive already read, and they all pretty much say the same thing. Oh well.

So, Kyle passed his grade again this year. I was a bit worried, as he's not had such a great year this school year. The transition from grade school to Jr. high, I think had him a bit taken a back. However, he placed in the top 44 percent of the school district, so I am happy about that. Says to me that even if he choose not to do alot of the work this year, at least he knew the material. 8th grades going to be even tougher, so I think we're going to spend some time this summer working on his social skills. He is really jazzed about the prospect of getting into a drama class as an elective. He had tried out and made it for several plays in school last year, and has been bitten by the acting bug. Good, maybe he'll be the next George Clooney and can support me and my sheep and dogs in my old age.

A mother can always dream cant she??

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