Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sleepy, he/she's

So, took the dogs in this morning for their surgery. Andy was delighted to go, and greeted everyone there, including other clients, not just the staff, like they were all his long lost BF"s. He's such a happy idiot. Bruin, on the other hand seemed to know some thing was up from the second I put him in the truck. When we got there I let him out of the truck, and he eyed the place suspiciously. Took a few tentative steps to the front door of the place and then locked up and refused to move. I kinda had a feeling he would as soon as I opened the door and he saw the slick floor. About 2 months ago, he got to spend a night indoors, because it was suppose to be tornado warnings and severe weather and I didn't want him outside. At any rate. We all retired for the night, leaving Bru to sleep under the kitchen table per as his usual when he comes in. When we got up the next morning, he was sitting in a corner of the kitchen looking sullen, and refused to come out. After trying to coax him with food and sweet talk didn't work, I didn't have time for him to be acting like such a pansy, I had to get to work. So I just got behind him and pushed him across the kitchen floor onto the carpet in the living room. As soon as his feet hit the carpet, he was upright and Mobil immediately, and we easily proceeded outside and into the sheep pasture. As I was driving to work I had time to ponder this strange event with him. He'd never had a problem walking on the linoleum in the past. So I decided to bring him back in that evening for a bit to watch him and see if he was still upset about the kitchen floor. What it boiled down to, or so I thought, was that he was having a problem passing the vent in the floor. I though perhaps he'd gotten his toe caught in it the night before and it scared him, because he wasn't having anything to do with going in the kitchen anymore. He hadn't been back inside but once briefly when we had a bad hail storm since then, and still just layed on the carpet not attempting the kitchen floor. Still I thought it was the vent. Until today. Its not the vent at all, its slick flooring. He must have slipped on our kitchen at some point while we were asleep and had gotten scared. Poor fella. So now he holds a grudge for all flooring that doesn't have carpeting. Needless to say, once he stepped foot into the vets office and found that the only carpet in the hole place consisted of a small square rug in front of the entrance door, that's where he put on the brakes, and refused to move from that spot. Well, at least he was inside the building, so I dropped the lead, and went to fill the paper work out for them. Knowing Bru as I do, once his mind is made up, your not going to convince him otherwise, so I knew he wasn't going anywhere. After I finished with the paper work, they were ready to take him back. Hmmmm, don't think he's going to help out there. We ended up carrying him back. Instead of putting him in a crate, ( once in, I was positive he wouldn't come back out because of the no carpet thing) so we opted to just leave him on the floor on a blanket. Upon leaving, I jokingly pointed at him and issued the order for him to "stay." When I came back this evening to pick them up, the gals laughingly asked me what his release command was, because they couldn't get him to move an inch the whole time he was there, no matter what tasty tidbit they offered or how much they coaxed with baby talk. Needless to say, they ended up (2 strapping gals) carrying him to the truck for me. No easy feat even for 2 strapping gals. He weighed in this morning at ( dead weight) 94 pounds and he just will be 8 months in a a few days.
Both boys were happy to see me when I got there, and ready to go home, but they didn't seem to have any miss givings or fear of the folks in the clinic. Sure sign that even given the fact that they had the surgery, that they were treated well, and enjoyed the experience, (as much as they could, given the loss of part of their male anatomy) I personally had a good experience myself with the service I received and the staff, as well as seeing that the practice was immaculate and smelled good. ( well it smelled good till Bruin got there) He was so nervous, he got a bad gas attack, and the whole front office had to be fumigated after he went to the back. Phew, he was rank! It was 1 or 2 or 10 of the green heavy lingering kind. Both are home now and sleeping off their hangovers, but seem to feel pretty good overall. I don't foresee any complications, I checked out the incision sites on both, and they look good. Neither seems to interested as of yet in bothering with licking, so all seems to be good so far. I'm happy that all went well. 104.00 dollars for 2 rabies shots, (Andy"s ran out in April and Bru hadn't had one yet. They require rabies shots or proof of vaccine before surgery, ) and 2 neuters on one 60 lb boy and one 94lb behemoth. Cant beat that!

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