Monday, October 13, 2008

Fence Fixed, Happy horses, and an amorous Ram

Ah, Home Sweet Home

Well, the fence got fixed, finally. It actually didn't take as much prodding as Id thought it would. All I had to do was asked for his check book. When he asked why I needed it, I told him to pay the guy I hired to fix the fence! (thanks Julie, It worked!)
So we have happy horses and now I understand why Jack was so upset with the horses being on the pasture with HIS ewes. His actions of the last few days had me so startled, as he is normally a very laid back ram, that I started to keep a close eye one him, and lets just say, he's in a little bit of an.....attentive mood at the moment.

Come on Baby, just a little kiss...

OoooooooWeeee! I Luvs me some sweet ewe sugar!

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