Monday, May 12, 2008

First Post

When I first became aware of blogging, I hadnt the faintest idea what the heck one was, much less why anyone would want to have one. Then, when friends and family urged me to start one, I said "Naw, Im not interesting enough, nor do I have enough to say, to hold anyones interest".
My mother pointed out how nice it would be for me to set one up, as Im not the most reliable daughter when it comes to calling, writting, or e-mailing family members to "just catch up". Everyone is grown and/ or has children of thier own, and very busy lives. Including my own grown children. So in retrospect, what better way to let folks know whats going on in my little world, then to write it all down on a blog. I look at it as an open journal, or diary of sorts that has no lock and key. Too, since I have more of a relationship with my computer on most days than my husband, ( who repetedly tells me he wishes HE was my computer, as I have my hands on it way more often than I do on him) its not like Id have to take time out of my day to sit in front of it and write things down, as most spare moments if not spent with dogs, sheep, house cleaning, yard work, a 13 yr old son, (oh, and occasionally the husband) you'll find me here in front of it anyway. So here goes folks. I'll try out this blogging thang!