Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Occasional Rambling

The last few days it had been cold and raining, so the dogs hadn't had much outside time to run and play or do much training/work. One night, Saturday I think it was we had a Tornado warning for our county, so I took Lex out and we gathered the sheep (a small out run) and I let her wear them to me, then we did a little flanking and driving, and finished it off with a pen. She acts as if she's starved for work, even with 4 puppies to take care of. So I indulged her for a bit. It is so nice to just work with a dog that knows me so well. We got the sheep and lambs put in the lambing shed, ( our rendition of the pen) and Lex and I came in out of the wind.

When I got into the house, there stood Chris and Stella, looking at me accusingly. I felt like a kid that just got caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I'm going to have to start using Chris more often, she can easily do the work that Lex does for me. Lex, is just like a comfy ole pair of shoes, and even though ya got that shiny new pair in the closet, ya still grab the comfy older ones. The shoes, much like Lex for me, are just such a good fit. (wonder if that's what ya call a metaphor?)

Well, I had the dogs all out for a good long run this evening, and felt better for them. We got a little fetch game going and then a dunk in the stock tank to cool things down a bit. All were happy and tired afterwards and plopped down exhausted this evening.

Now that the days are getting longer and warmer, and mornings and evenings are cooler I'm going to have to start plotting out a plan to get back on track working/and training the dogs on a more regular basis. The lambs are big enough and old enough now, so no excuses! Maybe I'll make a separate section here for dog/sheep work and training, to help me stay on track. Look for one in the future. And I think I'll put a puppy blog in here separate as well. That way anyone can pick what they want to read about.

I think this must be why there's a part of the blog title that says "Occasional Ramblings" eh??

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