Sunday, May 25, 2008

On A Lighter Note....

Yesterday, my son kept bugging me to go to Wal Mart. Why?? I don't know. He didn't have any money to spend, just wanted to get out of the house, away from the property for awhile I reckon. Cant blame him. So we went fishing down at the pond. We didn't catch anything, ( I didn't think we would, wrong time of the day to go, but in doing so, it got him quiet so...) What we did see however was an otter! Swimming and fishing in the pond! How cool is that! We're from out west. You just don't see otters out west. (unless its in the zoo) Oh, out west we see beavers and muskrats, and various other little creatures that frequent the pond. In one place we lived in Roosevelt Utah, we even had a bear and a mountain lion frequent our pond and saw sign of them often for a whole summer. We saw wild wolves pass through the property on occasion, and many elk, deer, and birds of prey that hunted the Fields when we cut hay. But no otters. So it was pretty neat to watch the little fella? zip and dive and swim around. Eventually, he? tired of putting on a show for us, and scooted under some bushes that were growing in the waters edge, and disappeared. We were mesmerized, captivated. It was just darned neat to see.
Though the fisher woman in me wonders what he? and perhaps his little family (if there is one) are doing to the fish population in my fav fishing hole.
I finally got the book Id ordered last week. I tried to read some of it Friday night, but woke up Saturday morning with it laying on my chest, and still had my reading glasses on.
So last night I cracked it open again and started to have an interesting read. So far, so good, I'm enjoying it, and think it was worth the money to order it. Its called "Top Trainers Talk About Starting A SheepDog" I am surprised at the non conventional ways of the top trainers, and how they are going about training their young dogs. Conventional, in that its not the same way they will take you and "Your" dog out when you pay them for a training session. Conventional, in that they don't put a whole lot of obedience on their dogs until much later in the training process, where as I have been to a number of trainers, and they preach obedience for your dog. But, I haven't finished the book yet, so I will hold my views until Ive finished reading and digesting it. As it is, Ive only gotten through a few interviews so far.
My dog bit hand is healing nicely. I have kept it wrapped and medicated, and it seems to be healing much faster than bites I have had in the past. I'm glad about that. I use my hands daily, and having a crippled one, makes things difficult.
I got my new clippers yesterday. cant wait to try them out. I love my new smock too! Its very professional looking, and has a heavy duty zipper that I'm sure will hold up much better than my last one. Just goes to show ya get what ya pay for.
I made the decision the other day when I took off work to do a little soul searching about my career, that from now on, I'm only taking in nice dogs for grooming. No more Dundee for this gal. I'm not getting any younger, and fighting dogs throughout the day is not my idea of fun. I enjoy my job, and intend to continue to do so. When I was young and hungry and had 2 kids to support all on my own, Id groom anything, just to make a buck. It snowballed, and just turned into habit, rather than a conscious decision, so its time I slowed down and took stock in what I'm doing. I am also going to trim my card file down, and start ejecting those dogs that have been a problem to groom despite my trying to work with them over the past couple of years. This has been a difficult decision for me, and it will be even more difficult to tell some clients that I no longer am willing to groom their dogs for them. Worst part is, that I really don't have any suggestions as to where they can take those dogs. I wouldn't wish some of them on anyone, friend or foe. But if I want to continue in this trade for another 20 years, and I do, I have to start being more selective in what I'm grooming.

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