Tuesday, May 13, 2008

EEEEK! Dont look at the bulls eye!

I groomed a Peke today. Its occurred to me that they are one of the strangest built dogs ever. Short little crooked legs, short stubby thick neck, looooong ole body, with always the end of a rib turned out on one side or the other, big round head, very small short ears and those protruding eyes and that smashed up nose. Is it any wonder God gave them so much hair to cover all that's under it up!?? I couldn't complain about the dog itself, she was, much nicer to groom than most Peke's Ive had on my table. The owners wanted her shaved for the warm season. After so many years of trying to educate folks about leaving it as nature intended, my speech has become much shorter over the years, as it often seems to fall on deaf ears. Basically, anymore my time is spent making sure exactly "how" short they want it, and if they want the tail trimmed, yaddy yada. So I shave this Peke down for the people, as they've asked and they come pick her up and they looooove it. After they hook her leash onto her collar and proudly start out the door with their little fur baby, exclaiming to her how beautiful she looks, the dog struts out to the end of the leash, and the owner just shrieks! Holds her hand over her mouth with this horrid look on her face, and exclaims to her partner, "OMG!!! She has the ugliest butt hole Ive ever seen!! Its huge, and sticking right out there! Why,....it looks like a great big bulls eye!!"
Did I also mention the fact while breaking down a Peke's oddly shaped conformation, that Peke's also always carry their very long tail curled way up over their backs, and that the only thing covering up that ugly protruding butt hole, is the hair??!!
She looks back at me, waiting, for what, I don't know. Did she expect me to warn her, not of sun burn from shaving, not from variations of body temp and how much more difficult after being shaved it is for a dog to regulate their body heat? Not, that it wont quit shedding when shaved, it just sheds shorter hairs? I guess what she would have appreciated, preferred, ( expected?) me to say instead, was that if I shaved her dog, it was going to show and very clearly I might add, that another of a Peke's lovely conformation flaws, is that they have probably one of the ugliest anus's ever and if I shaved the dog, they were definitely going to have to see it! A lot!
I can see them now in my mind, looking the other way every time the dog walks away from them. Wonder if they'll have me shave her next time she comes in? Better yet, can you imagine them asking me to try to leave a little more hair around the bulls eye!! Is it any wonder I love my job!


Anonymous said...

That is one of the funniest things I've heard lately! Still makes me cry laughing.

Darci said...

Every day, some one gives me reason to giggle. John Q. Public is a blast!