Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fuel Prices Suck!

Well, it is Sunday morning, and by all rights I should be at a Sheep Dog Trial in Lawndale, NC.

As it is, I am at home, fuming, because at 4.75 a gallon, I had to make the decision not to go because of the cost of fuel and the amount of money it would cost for fuel alone, not to mention, the added cost of food, and I know Id have to have bought some thing, a souvenir of the day.
I really dislike something such as the rising price of fuel dictating where I can and cant go. It ticks me off to realize that I have to limit myself and prioritize even a trip to the store just to try to stay within budget. A trip to Lawndale would have cost me in fuel alone, around 200.00 dollars. I'm not rich, and had to decide that 200.oo dollars could be spent better in say groceries, or some thing that we "need" rather than for some thing I "want".
I am very disappointed and am getting, quite frankly, SICK OF THE RISING FUEL PRICES!
Every day, they seem to go up. And not by a few cents here and a few cents there, no! They jerk them up 10 to 20 cents a week!
Complain!!?? I do! But who can you complain to where its going to do any good??!! We're all complaining, but is it getting us anywhere? NO.
So ya suck it up, prioritize, cry in your beer, whine to your friends, and make that next trip to town count, and hope you don't forget some thing while your there, cause if you do, you'll just have to do without till your list gets long enough to rectify another trip to town.
I just spent 92.00 dollars at the grocery store yesterday, and hardly got anything! What is happening to this country!!
Are gone the days of family outings and picnics? Recreation, exploration? Is this going to get better? Humph! I find it hard to be positive at this point.
Am I ranting like a spoiled child today cause I'm not getting my way, not getting to go do what I want to do?? You bet your ass I am!
I don't have any grandiose ambitions to take a road trip around the world, or go on a vacation to another state, I simply wanted to go to a dog trial that's a couple of hours from home.
Not to much to ask Id think. Ive worked hard all week, and now its time for a bit of R&R.
Do it at home you say??!! HA! Theres to much work to do around here!
Work! Work! Work! This fuel shortage is turning us all into a bunch of drones! Go to work, come home and work some more! And if ya don't have enough work to keep ya busy at home, the other alternative is just as bleak. Sit on your ass and watch TV! I think not, not for this gal.
Time to go saddle the horses. I may not make it to the sheep dog trial, but at least I can go some where!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so totally there with you. :( We sure did miss you a bunch though! I'm glad to know you are OK - I thought of you on Sunday. Hey, guess what? I wound up moving Nick up to Pro-Novice, and we didn't suck!