Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh Yea!!!

I got my stimulus check today, and put it promptly into my bank account. Now,,hmmm. What to do with the money?? Well, first thing I'm going to do is go get a hair cut. This long ole mop has been bugging me to no end lately, and I have to get some thing done with it.
Then I think a little on line shopping is in order. Lets see now. The horses and sheep need to be wormed again, so do the dogs for that matter. I need a new pair of clippers for work, and a new brush and comb. Now that doesn't sound so bad till ya figure it is about 35.00 dollars for the kind of comb I use, and 259.00 for the clippers. Good thing I don't need a need any new blades or scissors! A new grooming smock would be nice too while I'm shopping around. The zipper just broke on my old one.
I'm seriously thinking of getting a shell for my truck, the dogs would sure enjoy that. But I don't want to incur a bill to do it. Maybe I'll just wait till next years income tax refund.
So many little things I could do, or one big thing. Wants verses needs. I reckon I know which squeaky wheel will get greased.
I'm pretty excited about a new pair of clippers. I haven't had a new pair in years, and there are so many neat ones now days to choose from.
Theres a new book out I'm definitely ordering. Its about starting out young dogs on stock, and it, from what I hear is pretty good.
I think I'll set aside some to take the grand kids and Kyle to the zoo. That would be fun! Spring time there should be some baby elephant or some thing to get some good pics of. That reminds me, I need to pick up some rechargeable batteries.
Well, a few more thoughts about things I need, and want to do and I should be back to being broke again soon enough. Sure doesn't take long to get it gone. Probably a good thing to get it spent as quick as possible, then things can get back to ......normal?

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