Saturday, December 6, 2008

Best guess anyone?


Check this out.I cropped this pic of Bear so you could see up close what I'm curious about. Below is the original pic. I know dogs can have pretty long tongues, but this is just crazy! Is that Bear's tongue between his ears on top of his head? And if so, how the hell is that possible!?
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Bear didn't have anything in his mouth, and was in fact, heading to try to take the ball from Chris. I just find it very hard to believe that is his tongue up there between his eyes on the top of his head! But, what else could it be?? What do you think?


Dancing shepherdess said...

hey there
It's his left ear flipped back :)

Darci said...

In don know,... I looked, the inside of his ear is all covered in black hair, ya think you'd see that black hair over the pink? Good guess though, I hadnt thought of that, but still it looks like his ears are in the proper position. Makes me think. (and keep studying the pic!) LOL

BCxFour said...

That is an excellent depiction of a reclusive sheepdog poltergeist. Rarely have I ever seen it depicted so well on film. LOL

Other than that I have no idea!

Darci said...

Ahhhh Haaa Haaaa! well,if thats the case,its my first time seeing a reclusive sheepdog poltergeist, so you could be right! LOL