Thursday, December 25, 2008

What better way to spend Christmas Day....Than Working Dogs!

And these guys looked like they could use a little exercise anyway.

So I asked Chris to bring them up for me.

She was really on her game today, and keeping a nice pace and distance.

And was really focused.

I could watch this little dog work all day. She is so stylish and intense.

She was looking pretty satisfied with herself afterwards, I was pretty satisfied with her too.

Next up was Bear. He was quite happy to oblige.

He is starting to do a little driving now, and coming along nicely.

Lex wondered if she could have a go too.

And she got right to work.

The ole' girl was in good form.

Ive got a little ram lamb that likes to test the dogs, but Lex gave him what for and put him back in his place. She is generally kind to her stock, but she doesnt take any guff either, and that lamb was just asking for it. In the end, he learned his lesson and fell back in line and behaved. I dont think she gave him much choice.

I dare you to try that again....

I gave Hank a go today as well. Though it was hard to get many shots while trying to keep some semblance of order on the field with a keen young pup. He still isnt ready for any formal training from what I saw today, still just a big goofy pup. But he is interested and had a fun time. Right now, thats all that matters is that we keep it fun and interesting.


Robin French said...

You got some nice shots of them working! Merry Christmas!

Dancing shepherdess said...

I'm jealous!

Darci said...

Thanks Robin,
I am really enjoying learning what works and what doesnt as far as getting the good shots. Glad Im digital now as opposed to film, or Id have never been able to afford the education!

Julie, Sorry to make you jealous..Tee Hee,..NOT! LOL
But prepare yourself to be more jealous, cause we're getting back out there again today!

Laura said...

Terrific shots, Darci! Everyone's looking good :)

Darci said...

Thanks Laura,
I wish Id have gotten some shots while I was having Bear sort out the ewes and lambs, it was his first time, and while it started out a bit willy nilly, once he figured out what I wanted, he figured out what he needed to do to get it done. It was pretty exciting stuff for him. Real work! Yea!

Anonymous said...

Great pics I really loved them.

Dal and mads mom

Darci said...

Thanks Sheryl, Some of them didnt turn out half bad. Just dont ask how many I had to take just to compile these few! LOL