Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Chris

Tonight on this Holy night, not only do we celebrate the birth of Christ Our Lord, but we also celebrate the birth of Chris.
Born, not unlike the Christ child, Chis was born in a shanty barn surrounded by a motley crew of farm animals,in a feed manger on a bed of straw, and a wise man came.
A special pup was born on this special night, and the magic of the Christmas Star blessed this pup with Peace and Joy.
Happy Birthday my little Chris.

And A Merry Christmas To All
From me, the Birthday girl Chris and the Crew @
That'll Do Border Collie Farm
And A Happy New Year Too!


Laura said...

Chris was ridiculously adorable as a puppy--and has grown up into quite a lovely dog!

Darci said...

Thank you Laura. Yes, she was. Funny thing is, that I wasnt even interested in the pup, and her breeder pretty much forced me to take her. Im so glad he was the wise one because I couldnt have asked for a more wonderful working dog, and best friend.