Saturday, December 13, 2008

What are you listening to?

Actually,contrary to my last post,I really do have something to talk about. More over a request. My daughter cant keep a secret to save her life, and has already told me what she is getting her brother Kyle and I for Christmas. That's OK. I'm a bit old for surprises anyway. What she has gotten me is a 30 dollar gift certificate for ITunes music.I rarely listen to music on the radio. Mostly I listen to my ipod and CD's. So I have no idea whats hot and whats not any more in music. I have no real specific tastes in music, I listen to whatever sounds good, be it classical, rock, country, alternative, folk, Celtic and the list goes on. I enjoy most types of music though I'm not overly fond of rap or heavy metal. Most ipod songs are .99 cents a song, and while 30 songs doesn't sound like many, to go looking with no idea what I'm looking for, well, the prospect to me is a bit daunting. So I'm looking for suggestions as to what might be enjoyable to down load to my ipod. Here's just sampling of the artists I already have,just to give you an idea of of where my tastes lie.
Government Mule
John Denver
Little Big Town
Tracy Chapman
Elton John ( Don't laugh! )
Bob Seger
James Taylor
Pink Floyd
Rascal Flats
Kenny Chesney
Christina Aguilera
Sara McLaughlin
Who ever the gal is that put out the album Jagged Pill
And another gal that is a....oh how do I be politically correct in this, a....lesbian? But not the butch one.
Classic Celtic
The Wicked Tinkers
Phil Collins
Well, I wont go on,you get the picture. Suggestions please. What are you all listening to?


Laura Carson said...

OMG, I lurve too many of those! I saw James Taylor in concert about 8 or so years ago - best concert I've ever seen. Hmm, I'll be thinking about music for you! I don't have a CD player in my van, which is sucky sucky.

Darci said...

No Cd player? You poor girl! Well, I reckon you know what you should ask Santa for eh?! LOL
Actually, folks that listen to the radio are who Im looking to target, those are the ones that are on top of all the new and cool stuff, or older artist with new stuff. I get to stuck listening to all my old stuff. My daughter looked through my song index on my ipod and started making gagging sounds. I guess its time to find some new stuff!

Laura said...

What? You don't have any Neil Young in your collection? C'mon, Darci--you know you at least need the Harvest album!

Darci said...

The last Neil Young I bought was Red Sky at Dawn. I think I might really be showing my age with that one.LOL
I think Stevie Ray Vaughn replaced Neil Young for me quite awhile ago. I'll have to check out the Harvest CD. Thanks!