Monday, December 22, 2008

Do you really think anyone is going to take me seriously looking like this???

What better way to spend a cold day indoors,then allowing all the dogs free roam of my living quarters and hunting them down with my camera? The problem with having them all out at once,is that there is no where left to sit. So I had to send in the enforcer. He put a stop to all the fun. Poor Cain. He has been having some coat and skin issues recently, and my vacuum has been having some issues with his coat. So, I pulled him into the the shop the other day,and gave him a buzz. He was feeling pretty naked, so I gave him a tee shirt. Doesn't he just look thrilled?


Dancing shepherdess said...

He looks like a giant Malinois!

Darci said...

He'd bite you if you said that to his face! LOL
Seriously, he doesnt mind being shaved, he just always looks pitiful. His mantra: Dog who Look sad, get more food.