Tuesday, January 20, 2009

40 Things About Me Cause 50 Is To Many.

I was checking out blogs in the state recently and ran across one that had a sort of Tag your it kind of thing going on, and I thought it would be fun to do, and so I will start it off and you guys can in turn tag 3 of those that you are interested in learning more about.

1. I was actually born in Ohio, not hatched in a zoo.
2. My family and I moved to Arizona when I was 5.
3. I went to LuLu Walker Elementary school where my first love was Darin Bertaleni. He was a baton twirler.
4. I have 2 brothers one older, one younger that I know of and 2 other siblings that are rumored to exist.
5. I didn't graduate high school, but earned my GED in 1983
6. I detest sea food. I once ate a piece of calamari thinking it was a stray onion ring, ewwwww!
7. I love pirates, especially Johnny Depp
8. I also detest mushrooms and olives, and I would throw up multitudes upon multitudes of disgusting putrid chunks if I ever ingested any.
9. I like to look at the sky. Day or night, it fascinates me, and I wonder while I'm looking at it, if some one is looking back at me.
10.I could watch pirates of the Caribbean about 800 times without getting sick of it.
11. I have one job that I complain about a lot, and am looking for another one to give equal time to in the complaint department.
12. I like waitressing.
13. I'm glad I don't have a cat or 2 or 10. But I'm glad other people have them so I can get my kitty fix with out the litter box.
14. It took me three tries to get my licence the last time I had to take the test
15. My first real job was working in a clothing factory. I hated it and got fired for not keeping up with production.
16. Once for Halloween a girlfriend and I rode her horse bare back door to door trick or treating dressed as a cowboy and an Indian. I was the Indian.
17. Ive been to the Grand Canyon 3 times
18. Ive been to every state except Alaska and Hawaii
19.When I was in the 9th grade I loved my drama class and being an "actor"
20.I had my first heart break in my freshman year. He was an older man, he was a senior.
21. my first concert was Bobby Bear and Tom T.Hall when I was 14 yrs old.
22. My biggest concert was Garth Brook in 1993
23. My favorite concert was in 1990. I don't remember who I saw but I had a lot of fun! Matter of fact, I don't remember much of 90's!
24. My favorite movies are Pirates of the Caribbean and To kill a Mockingbird.
25.My favorite book is Lonesome Dove.
26.I had my fist kiss in the 1st grade. It was not Darin Bertaleni. We got caught by our 100 year old teacher Mrs Wald.
27. I have recently developed a love for photography. (tee hee..developed)
28. I love puns.
29. My best and oldest friend is Taylor Martin. 17 years strong.
30. When I first met Taylor I had a secret crush on him like forever.
Maybe I still do.. maybe I don't?
31. I just got a Facebook account today.
32. I don't have a myspace page. NOTHANKYOUVERYMUCH.
33.The craziest place I have ever been was in traffic in Los Angeles driving a semi. But then again, I bet a lot of people can say that.
34.The most beautiful thing Ive ever seen was pictures of Earth taken from space.
35. I once got so drunk I smashed the windshield of my Jeep with a brick because it wouldn't start.
36. I don't drink anymore.
37.If I could go back in time and talk to anybody, Id talk to Jesus.
38.If I had to live in another country, Id live in Africa.
39. I was born a red head.
40. I just remembered the name of the concert for #23. It was ZZ Top. As you can tell, I deteriorated a lot of brain cells that decade!
I'm tagging; and ya have to include a recent picture of yourself,
I love Lucy
And Crooks and Crazies (cause Laura, you need to put down those knitting needles and blog) besides, I'm looking forward to seeing you having fun with it! LOL


Robin French said...

Girl, you could never be a pirate if you hate seafood! ;-)

Darci said...

LOL! I know! Quite the oxy moron eh?! Story of my life! LOL

Katy said...

I loved your list. Couple of things I particularly relate to: I named my dog after Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, loved the book; and I, too, dropped out of HS and got my GeD. I, however, went on to higher education and earned multiple doctorates from the Universal Life Church --- I am a Dr. of Immortality AND almost a Dr of Motivation..if I can just bring myself to finish the application. Yawn.

Darci said...

LOL Katy! I love the name Scout too, And would have named my son that if Bruce Willis and Demi Moore hadnt beat me to it! Those *#!* name stealers!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Great list, this is a fun meme :-)

Darci said...

I am happy that everyone has been such good sports and played along. Yes, I agree, its fun!

Anonymous said...

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