Monday, January 26, 2009

Twisted Funny Fella!

OK, so I tweaked my back this afternoon, and was just trying to relax a bit on the couch to give it time to untweak itself, and was just messing around on the computer looking at blogs, and I run across this guy
I haven't read very far into it, but have read enough to know I'll be reading more! Katy,if yer reading, I got a feeling you'll love this guy! LOL
It cant just be me, he has 3305 followers and he has only been blogging for a year! Id become a follower too, but I don't want to just feel like a number. I find having that kind of a viewing audience amazing. Especially, since he isn't talking about anything that's even remotely important and in fact would give him an "R" rating! Check him out and have a laugh, but don't forget to bring your twisted sense of humor with you. Cause this guy ain't for the sane! Tooooo funny! Also, Dont bypass the comments either, those folks are equally entertaing!

PS. Uh Mom,... DON"T! click on the link. You WON"T find it half as amusing or humorous as I did. Matter of fact, I'm positive you wont find it amusing at all. And the cute little animal pictures??? They are a lure for the unsuspecting, don't get drawn in. And yes, I am very, very ashamed of myself....


Jodi said...

I'm not Katy, but OMG! I'm gonna come out there and kick your a**! Like I needed another blog to read! I love this!

Darci said...

I thought it was one of those things that goes without saying,that you would enjoy the read Jodi!LOL
The lamb one was one of my fav's too! Also,You can send him pics of critters you think need a good talking to, and see what he does with it. Im tempted! LOL

BCxFour said...

Isnt that the most hysterical blog ever!!!! I love it!

PS I hope your back feels better. Dont throw it out again laughing!

Darci said...

Though he's a bit crude, (but its not like its nothing Ive never heard before or said?? No. Wait! Who me?? Nawwww...LOL) I still couldnt help but bust a gut reading it!
The sore back came from falling down the front porch steps because of an over entergetic 9 month old BC dork. Er...Dog.

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Darci said...

Really? Little ole rambling me?? Im flattered. I'll check it out, thanks...I think.

Anonymous said...

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